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50five en NL MAB
01 jun. 2023

50five acquires NL MAB

By Robin
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The need for charging infrastructure continues to grow, along with the associated e-mobility services. In order to meet the market demand and to strengthen its leading position in the Benelux, 50five has acquired the company NL MAB.

NL MAB has been active in the e-mobility market since 2014 and is one of the largest operators of AC charging stations in the semi-public domain. The founder of NL MAB, Jorrit van Maarschalkerwaart, has been one of the pioneers in the Netherlands in the field of charging solutions through a Charging-As-A-Service model. Since he was looking for a party to accelerate the expansion of the offering Charging-As-A-Service, 50five quickly came forward.

In recent years, 50five has grown into one of the largest e-mobility service providers in the BeNeLux and the United Kingdom. Managing Charging-As-A-Service solutions is one of the services offered. This made 50five the ideal party for the acquisition of NL MAB. This acquisition creates the opportunity for 50five to offer Charging-As-A-Service solutions on an even larger scale.

The CEO of 50five, Manfred Klumpenaar: “NL MAB's portfolio fits perfectly within the ambitions of 50five, because we are present in the entire value chain of e-mobility. We are the ideal full-service e-mobility provider to guide our and NL MAB’s customers in the transition towards electrical transportation in the AC and DC domain for cars, vans and the (heavy-duty) transportation sector. I would like to welcome Jorrit van Maarschalkerwaart and his team to 50five.”


To make this acquisition successful, Jorrit will join the 50five team to realize the joint ambitions. The NL MAB staff will also transfer to 50five and the office location in Haarlem will remain. For NL MAB's customers, the acquisition means that more resources and services will be added to the growth of the existing and newly build charging locations.

NL MAB and 50five would like to thank Clairfield Nederland, CorporateWise, The Audit Generation and Holla Advocaten for the realization and completion of the acquisition.

About 50five Group

50five Group was founded in 2016 by the current founders and ENGIE SA. Currently, 50five manages the e-mobility activities and related services for its customers from A to Z, including installation, maintenance and repair of charging infrastructure, solutions for charging point operators, electrical mobility services, financing and energy management.

Since mid-2022, Institutional Investors have been investing in 50five Group on the advice of the Global Transportation Group of J.P. Morgan Asset Management to continue the growth and ambitions of the organization.

For more information, please contact Egbert Hietberg (CCO 50five) at egbert.hietberg@50five.com.


Written by Robin

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