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Do you like to be challenged, get off the beaten tracks and ready to immerse yourself into an innovative environment? We are always looking for talented people who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. We think getting out of your comfort zone is a strength! We strive to give you a job in which you are at your best and where you can develop yourself; in the field of IT, installation, marketing, planning, sales or somewhere else.

Our core values

At this moment we have almost 100 employees with 12 different nationalities. That’s why we mostly communicate in English, but we all have one common goal and a few values we live and work by:

  • We have fun working in an ever-changing, fast paced and innovative environment

  • We strive to handle things the smart way, not the hard way

  • We guide our customers till the last mile

  • We challenge the status quo in the 'installation world', we do something daring and different

  • We make innovative technologies understandable for everyone



50five grows very fast, which brings opportunities. At this moment I work in Field Operations. It’s hectic, but a lot of fun too! 50five is open for good ideas to help grow the company. Here at 50five, we really know each other, and we like a party once in a while.



I am working at 50five for 1,5 years now and if you like a challenging job, then this is the place for you! We work with the latest, greatest, and smartest products. Because of the rapid growth of 50five, every day really is a different day.