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Take charge of tomorrow

50five Group is an Install Tech company specialized in e-mobility and smart climate for consumers and businesses.
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Making innovations accessible

50five Group helps people and companies in their choice for innovative and sustainable solutions by clearing the hurdles that hold them back.

We believe that the biggest hurdle of adopting new technologies like e-mobility (charging solutions), home automation and heating solutions is the lack of knowledge about them. Customers don’t always understand what those technologies can do for them. Also, they struggle to find reliable professionals to advice, install, maintain and repair the latest hardware and software technology.

50five Group addresses these obstacles. We have developed a platform that gives guidance, support and onboards knowledgeable and well-trained professionals. Our intelligent platform matches them with a technology, which they can install, maintain and give expert advice about. We do this for private consumers as well as small to medium size businesses.

Don't hold back, adapt with the time and 'take charge of tomorrow'.


Mass personalisation with intelligent software

No matter the complexity of the technology, 50five’s modular software solution guides customers to the right solution. Parallel to that, our professionals use digital tooling to handle complex installations and work in the most efficient and transparent manner. Via our API gateway all data can be distributed and displayed, based on customer needs.