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Carefree charging at home

The electric car is becoming increasingly popular. This means that more and more cars are also occupying public charging spots. Do you want to be on the road every day with a full battery? Then a charging station at your home or at your office is the ideal solution.
Installed within 3 weeks
Certified installers
Personal advice
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This is what our customers say

Eric H. – London

Drives a Tesla model S and chose an EVBox Homeline

“Nice company, clear communication. Some ornamental paving had to be loosened and put back, that was done with care. In terms of time, drilling through the foundation was tough (very hard concrete), which is something to be reckoned with in your planning. This was a very complex job including extending the meter cupboard. The installer doubted for a moment and engaged a senior colleague to look at it, which made me feel like I could put my faith in them.”

Nissan Leaf EV range
Nico H. – Chesterfield

Drives a Nissan Leaf and chose a myenergi Zappi v2

“I was helped by Roy from 50five. Clever guy and managed to advise me well. Eventually went for the Zappi. The installation took a little while but they took time to connect things neatly and properly. Holes drilled, cables pulled and everything with a smile. My meter cabinet looks sleek. They also helped me set up the app and get it working.”

Audi etron
Bart O. – Brighton

Drives Audi A3 e-tron and chose an EVBox Elvi

“Very satisfied with this company. Submitted an online request. Received good advice on which charger best suits my needs and got clear explanations why. The order was then placed quickly, the installers came and set everything up so it’s nice and tidy.”

How 50five works

Want to know which charging station suits you and the cost of its full installation?

Fill in a quick online form and we will get you expert advice on the best charging station for you.

We’ll show you a selection of charging stations that meet your needs. Let us know your preference and what your requirements are regarding the installation of the charging solution.

We will get a bespoke quote to you.

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At 50five we believe in complete solutions. We love the smart home and see the charging station as an integral part of this, delivering energy efficiency and convenience. If you have solar panels, have you ever thought of adding battery storage to your charging solution? Get in touch and we’ll help you out!

What about the ...?


With an electric car you do not burn fuel. That is why the Government wants more people to drive electrically. In the UK you could be eligible for a subsidy of up to £350.00 if you install a charging station at your home or in your garage. Subject to qualification.

Fast Charging?

Don’t have hours of time to wait until the battery is charged? Then a fast-charging pole is perfect. Fast chargers charge your vehicle in as little as 30 minutes. Check with your car manufacturer if your car is suitable for fast charging. It is not that common to have a fast charger at your residence.


There are two elements of initial cost to consider. Firstly, the type of charging station and secondly the installation costs. Typical prices are from as little as £1,000.00 for a basic installation. Even with these upfront costs, many people find that electric driving is up to 3 times cheaper than driving on petrol or diesel.

Self installation?

As the installation of a charging point involves high voltage and high power, the installation should only be completed by a qualified and certified professional. Your home insurance may not provide cover for any work not undertaken by such a professional.