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Tips on an EV charger installation

Tip from our main installer Roy: "Make sure you're always ready for the future. Maybe you are currently driving a car where a single-phase connection is sufficient, but if you pay a little bit extra now for a 3-phase cable, you will save yourself a lot of hassle in the future."
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Private or municipal land

You can always have a charging station installed on your own premises or in your garage as a private individual. If you would like to have a charging station installed on municipal ground, you must apply for a licence to the municipality. This automatically means that a road sign will also be placed near the charging station, as it must be publicly available.

Distance between the meter cabinet and the charging station

The distance between the meter cabinet and the place where you want to install the charging station determines the length of the cables and the digging work that the installer must perform. The greater the distance, the more expensive the installation is. Also consider the location of the connector on your car, to choose the right place for your charging station.

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Fuse box

Impact on your fuse box

When you install a charging station, your fuse box should be ready for it. In most areas, a standard residual connection can be adjusted to a single-phase 32A fuse at no extra cost. With a 32A residual connection, an installation of an Earth rod and a charging station that is equipped with load balancing, you can charge up to 7.4kW at home without any problems. Most cars are fully charged within 1 night. It is possible to install 2/3 stations at your property on a single phase, if space is available in the consumer unit and sufficient amperage is available.

Charging multiple cars at once?

Are you planning to have several cars charging at the same time? Or do you want to make a charging point available to your visitors/customers? Then a double charging solution is a good choice! Depending on the type of charging station, you have the option to connect two cables, and some charging stations have a power sharing function, which distributes the available power capacity.

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