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Easee public charging station
Charging for Business.

Charging without investment.


A charge network without investment.

With the growing demand for charging points, it is becoming increasingly important to realise (additional) charging options. At 50five we realise that investing in a charging solution is not always feasible. We also understand that you would like everything to be taken care of. That is why we offer the possibility to utilise the charging solution. You do not have to make an investment and you are taken care of from A to Z!

Parkeerplek elektrische auto

The sustainable and smart charging solutions from 50five.

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, it is becoming important to have sufficient charging options. 50five has already installed more than 20,000 charging points in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. We therefore have the much-needed in-house experience to find a suitable solution for every unique EV challenge. At 50five we have the perfect solution for your situation:

Installing, managing and maintaining charging stations can be a major investment.
50five can provide you with both AC and DC charging stations, depending on your needs and situation.
50five offers smart solutions for grid congestion to provide you with the required number of charging places, despite limited capacity.


Our charging station solution.

If you have a site with multiple parking spaces and have additional charging facilities in place, 50five is the partner for you. 50five offers you the opportunity to create a charging solution without your own investment.

After we have mapped out your wishes and needs, we will give you appropriate advice about the possibilities regarding a charging facility. As mentioned earlier: 50five invests, you can charge carefree. We are happy to discuss all the possibilities with you (while enjoying a cup of coffee)!

Easee public charging station

Advantages of a charging station.

No investment costs

If you choose to operate a charging station with 50five, you do not have to make an investment in advance. Both the charging station and its installation are completely free!

Complete unburdening

From installation to management of the charging station, we take care of operating the charging station from A to Z. Is the charging station broken? We will repair it in no time.

AC & DC solutions

We specialise in both AC and DC chargers. For every situation we can offer you the most suitable solution to exploit it if necessary.

Why 50five?

Smart Charging is our specialty: no overload and always the right power capacity where it is needed at that moment. We only opt for future proof solutions.

We can take (part of) the investment off your hands and also provide the necessary maintenance. We also offer several financing options, such as buying, renting and operating charging stations at your location.

We think along with you about a revenue model for your charging stations with a commercial rate. We also advise you on options such as paying per time block when charging, to discourage 'charge point hogging'.

For large industrial solutions, we advise on optimising your grid connection by installing storage (a battery) in combination with solar panels.

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Supported file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf
Supported file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf
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