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Get to know more about Charging as a Service.

Zaptec Pro EV Charger FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about CaaS

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50five takes the revenue paid by the customers who use the charging facilities (after your reimbursement), to enable us to repay our initial investment.

For example: If your business' electricity tariff is 30p per kWh and the cost to use the EV charger is 60p per kWh, the reimbursement to you would be 30p and we would keep the remaining 30p.

Directly into the business' bank account.

Yes, it is possible to set different prices for different user groups of the charging facilities.

The customer using the charger will pay with their own selected charge card. For example this could be a Shell Recharge card.

We would typically install 7kW or 22kW Zaptec chargers.

The purchase rate is inputted into our back-office system for the charger at the point of set up and is reassessed annually. So, if your energy prices increase, or are due to be increased the coming year, you are responsible to inform us so we can update our back-office system to keep the running costs to you neutral.

The term of the agreement is 10 years. Should you wish to terminate the contract, you would be obliged to pay an early termination fee as is the case with most contracts. This fee will vary depending on multiple factors such as time lapsed into the contract etc.

The contract will be reviewed and then renewed upon agreement from both parties.