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Discover all the innovative solutions we install at your house or company to get you ready for a zero-carbon future. We will guide you during the entire process: from the moment of application until the moment our installers leave. We make sure you will experience all the advantages of the new technological innovations!




The shift towards a zero-carbon future has resulted in a revolution in mobility. More and more vehicles become electric, with the passenger car as front runner. Its popularity means that charging stations are in high demand, also in a B2B context. 50five was able to set up an automated flow of advice, sales and installation of charging stations at people’s homes or at businesses to fulfil the charging needs. Moreover, we also offer MSP- and CPO-services and you can use the 50five charging card at more than 150.000 charging points in Europe.

On-demand repair and installation

In Belgium we perform on-demand home repair maintenance and installation services under the name Ajusto. Ajusto is a platform where customers in a quick and simple manner can book a specialist they need (plumber, electrician). By using smart algorithms, the system finds the right professional for the job and the customer can book an appointment right away. There are specialists in electricity, plumbing, charging stations, smart home, solar panels and other jobs in and outside the house.