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At 50five we love electric driving. Why? Because it offers a greener future for all. Charging your car is not just a necessity, but part of a smarter, greener lifestyle. The charging unit monitors the power consumption in your home and works alongside other green power solutions, such as solar panels and battery storage. The smart charging solution that we install at your home offers you comfort and convenience. Open your home to a smarter, greener future.

50five e-mobility is part of 50five group
Green charging

Our promises


50five stands for quality. We think it’s important to deliver a perfect working product for life. That’s why we work with reliable brands and professional installers.


We see the charging station as a smart device that can really be integrated into your home. For instance, the charging station is not a standalone product, but a part of the entire ecosystem of your home.


You get personal advice, which is tailored to your situation and your wishes. Together with you, we map what functions your charging station should have, by identifying how you will use it.


Our installers are trained and certified to professionally install and deliver charging stations. With us you not only enjoy an expert installation, but also expert advice.

50five is the one-stop-shop for charging stations!

  • We offer expert advice, high-quality products, installation and the charge card!

  • We have already performed more than 3000 installations in people's homes

  • We install up to two charging points in people's homes and 3 to 8 charging points in small and medium-sized businesses

  • 50five e-mobility is part of 50five Group.


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Supported file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf
Supported file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf
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Eric H. - London

Drives a Tesla Model S and chose an EVBox Homeline

“Nice company, clear communication. Some ornamental paving had to be loosened and put back, that was done with care. In terms of time, drilling through the foundation was tough (very hard concrete), which is something to be reckoned with in your planning. This was a very complex job including extending the meter cupboard. The installer doubted for a moment and engaged a senior colleague to look at it, which made me feel like I could put my faith in them.”

Nico H. – Chesterfield

Drives a Nissan Leaf and chose a myenergi zappi V2

“I was helped by Roy from 50five. Clever guy and managed to advise me well. Eventually went for the Zappi. The installation took a little while but they took time to connect things neatly and properly. Holes drilled, cables pulled and everything with a smile. My meter cabinet looks sleek. They also helped me set up the app and get it working.”

Audi e-tron opladen
Bart O. – Grave

Drives a Audi A3 e-tron and chose an EVBox Elvi

“Very satisfied with this company. Submitted an online request. Received good advice on which charger best suits my needs and got clear explanations why. The order was then placed quickly, and installers came together and left the setup nice and tidy.”

Stephen Wong

Stephen Z. Wong - Chairman of the board

“Being able to make an impact is what we do at 50five. We want to make an impact together with our customers, partners and global investors. Impact on a more sustainable world, on the transition from fossil to electric fuel and on innovation in the energy sector. As Chairman of the Board, I am in the privileged position of being able to help manage this, together with a committed team. 50five has been a dynamic organization since the start. This is also necessary to be able to grow and move in the e-mobility market in order to offer the right solutions.”

Manfred Klumpenaar - CEO 50five

"The great thing about being CEO of 50five is that I get to steer this rapidly growing company and personally contribute to reducing CO2 emissions on a daily basis. 50five is really concerned with the practicalities of climate improvement and is happy to help customers with the practical implementation. The policy is the first step, but the actual execution and follow-up is what matters if you want to make an impact. Advising at strategic level and then translating it into execution is where the strength of 50five and its employees lies. Even if it is a smaller part of a bigger picture, every step counts. That's why I do what I do."


Bart van der Pluym - CEO 50five Belux

"Contributing to 50five's zero carbon strategy is what we do every day with our teams. Constantly finding and directly implementing the most innovative e-mobility solutions for our customers is what I enjoy most at 50five. So, if you are ready to join 50five as a customer or employee, feel free to contact me and join our teams on this amazing journey..."

Lauren Chang - Head of Product Development South East Asia

“As Head of Product Development South East Asia I am responsible to find the most suitable solutions to enable the growth of the e-mobility market. My main focus is to connect South East Asia with Europe. I am very happy to play a key role in enabling the business of 50five and to help our partners and customers in the transition to accelerate towards a zero carbon world.”