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30 Apr 2019

50five refurbish heating systems across the North West

By Oliver
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Over 200 homes across the North West of England are currently receiving total central heating refurbishments, thanks to 50five, Eon Energy and Riverside Housing Association.

Riverside - Eon Energy Solutions

Realising over 200 homes under Riverside’s umbrella were living in fuel poverty and had outdated heating systems, the housing association contacted energy provider Eon Energy Solutions to find out more about Affordable Warmth.

The Affordable Warmth Obligation, pushed forward by the Government, enables households on benefits or part of social housing, to be released from fuel poverty and start saving money on annual energy bills with a more efficient heating solution.

As leading providers of heating systems across the UK, 50five were chosen as the sub-contractors, on behalf of Eon, to complete the large-scale heating refurbishments. Our engineers have designed modern heating systems which will benefit each resident within the Riverside housing area. Currently fitted with outdated storage heaters, the 200 plus homes will all be fitted with modern, energy-efficient Worcester boilers, plus updated Honeywell heating controls and modern Myson radiators.

50five are excited to be working on behalf of Eon and with Riverside to ensure the vulnerable, elderly and low-income households can benefit from a modern heating system to improve their homes energy-efficiency rating and most importantly – lower their annual heating bill.

For more information on the Affordable Warmth Obligation, or to discuss upgrading your current heating system, contact a member of the customer care team at 50five on 0800 612 5050 or email sales@50five.co.uk


Written by Oliver

Oliver is a Content Specialist for 50five UK