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06 Aug 2020

Buying a smart thermostat? - Keep these tips in mind

By Lynn
  • Read time: 3 minutes
What smart thermostat is best for your situation? A new trend that seems to be becoming increasingly popular: a smart thermostat. But which one should you choose?

You may have even heard people talking about a handy thermostat that they can control via their smartphone. And it's sparked your interest. You've already found several smart thermostats online. But which one is best for you?

The fastest way to compare, of course, is by price. The cheapest smart thermostat costs around £150. Then there are versions available that cost £280. A pretty hefty difference. This difference is evident in the possibilities of the thermostat. For example, one thermostat is self-learning and the other can heat different rooms individually. Great features, but which thermostat best suits your needs? To help you make this choice, 50five is happy to give you some tips.

Tip 1: Ease of use

An important aspect for us is the ease of use of a smart thermostat. More functionalities does not always mean that the thermostat is easier to operate. The same applies the other way around. Most thermostats have a fairly simple app in which you can configure the desired settings. The Netatmo Thermostat’s minimalist user interface is designed to be quick and easy to use and understand.

Tip 2: Installation

A smart thermostat can be connected to almost all central heating systems. An internet connection is also required. The thermostat must be connected to the boiler as well as to the internet router (wireless or with cable).

Installing any thermostat can be tricky, but fortunately we have award-winning professionals with decades of experience in the heating industry to install and configure your smart thermostat.

To purchase an installation, choose the installation voucher value bundle on any of our smart thermostats. You’ll be contacted by our customer care team to schedule an installation. Our professional installer will install and help you configure your device to best fit your lifestyle. You’ll also receive a WiFi check to ensure your Internet connection is suitable for your new thermostat – and if not, receive advice on improving your connection.

Of course, if you choose to do it yourself, our customer service is always ready to help with any questions.

Tip 3: Smart, but also self-learning?

The term 'smart thermostat' is actually a bit confusing. A thermostat that can be operated with your smartphone is not always 'smart'. A thermostat is only really smart when it gets to know your home. The Nest, Netatmo and Honeywell Evohome can be referred to as 'smart'.

These thermostats get to know your home and take into account, for example, the outside temperature and the degree of insulation of your home. If you set your home to 20 degrees at 17:30 hours, the thermostat learns how long it will take to heat up on time. As soon as the thermostat has learned how long it takes for your home to cool down, the thermostat stops heating before the programme has actually ended.

A self-learning thermostat is ideal for homes with underfloor heating. It is regularly said that the minimum temperature must be set slightly higher to save on your consumption. But what is the right temperature then? A self-learning thermostat solves this problem immediately.

The Nest thermostat even goes a step further. After a few weeks, the thermostat knows your living rhythm and automatically adapts to it. The thermostat sets up a program so that your home always has a pleasant temperature when you come home.

Tip 4: Heating rooms individually

With the help of a smart radiator knob you can control your radiators individually. Ever dream of a warm bathroom in the morning, while the rest of the house is not yet heated? Then expand your smart thermostat with smart radiator knobs. Not only will this make your home more comfortable, it will also save you energy!

In our 50five webshop we offer the Honeywell Evohome system. The radiator knob measures the temperature and acts as a thermostat. This makes it easy to program the knobs. The knobs are easy to install yourself if thermostatic radiator valves are fitted. Are they not available? Then we advise you to first have them installed by a plumber.

Tip 5: Interior fit

It's also important that the thermostat fits nicely with your interior. In our 50five webshop you will find various thermostats with both an elegant design and a modern look. With a wide choice of thermostats in our 50five webshop, there will undoubtedly be a thermostat to suit the style of your home.


Written by Lynn

Writes blogs about EV charging and climate solutions for 50five.