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02 Nov 2019

Case Study - ASHP

By Oliver
  • Read time: 2 minutes
Unfortunately, the coal mine closed after some years so Mr. Turner and his wife were left to use wood burners and storage heaters. An inefficient and costly solution they did not want to continue. Having carried out some research into various heating solutions, but being unsure of ‘the one’, Mr. Turner found 50five through a friendly recommendation.

The Survey

50five’s National Sales Manager, Adrian, contacted Mr. Turner to discuss potential heating solutions for his old stone cottage and soon visited to carry out a site survey for a new air source heat pump.

While carrying out the survey, Adrian was able to design a whole new system including new radiators. To show the benefits of their new system, the couple were taken to see a Mitsubishi air source heat pump in action.

The Air Source Heat Pump

An air source heat pump is a highly energy efficient device, used to heat homes and water using fresh air. Built to absorb heat from the air and convert to energy, heat pumps produce a renewable energy from the air.

The design specification for the couple’s new system showed the heat pump would be installed outside the home, and send required heat to radiators, with the remainder to be stored within a hot water cylinder; ready for a tap to be opened or the heating to kick in.

The Installation

Speaking after the installation of their new air source heat pump, the Turner’s couldn’t be more thrilled: “Our home has been opened up to us after 12 plus years – before the heat pump, we had to heat the kettle over the wood burner, close all the doors to keep in the heat and got by with a small storage heater.

“We can now walk around in the house freely without closing doors and always be warm. Our cottage isn’t the most energy efficient home, but my gosh has the heat pump changed things for us!” he continued.

Although commenting he could see a slight increase in his electricity bill, Mr. Turner noted how the couple have stopped spending money on wood, coal and enjoy having hot water run from their taps.

“We can control the heat pump with an app on our phones. It’s brilliant. As you get older you don’t want complications, so being able to press ‘on’ without having to move is great. We’re retired and want to be comfortable at home –now we definitely are.” finished Mr. Turner.

50five’s engineers completed the installation of Mr. Turner’s air source heat pump within a week, ensuring the couple would have a complete system in time for the looming cold weather.


Having an air source heat pump installed by 50five, the couple have registered onto the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme – a reward designed for homes to go greener and offset the cost of their new investment.

To find out more about air source heat pumps and heating solutions with 50five, contact a member of the team on 0800 612 5050 or email sales@50five.co.uk


Written by Oliver

Oliver is a Content Specialist for 50five UK