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Tesla Powerwall installation
22 Mar 2019

Case Study - Tesla Powerwall

By Oliver
  • Read time: 2 minutes
Having had Solar PV panels installed at his home, Steve noticed he wasn’t getting much value for money. Installing a Tesla Powerwall soon changed this.

Living in a more rural area of Sheffield, Steve and his family had wanted to become a renewable energy household – distancing themselves from the power grid as much as possible to bring down energy costs.

Having a large home to supply with electricity, the Solar PV panels weren’t providing enough of a solution. Spending some time researching online various solutions to become a more renewable household, Steve came across home-battery solutions; specifically, the Tesla Powerwall.

Steve says about his former solution: “We were told the Solar PV panels would provide us with a renewable solution and reduce the cost of our electricity bill. For a while, things were fine, but I noticed we weren’t using that much solar energy as we would all arrive home in the evening and be using power from the grid.

“I made a few different enquiries to various companies about the Tesla Powerwall, until I received a response from 50five. The team on the phone provided me with as much information as they could, but I wasn’t totally convinced at the time.

“It wasn’t until I received a follow up call from Electrical Supervisor, Shane that I was convinced. He answered all my questions about the Tesla Powerwall, and how it could benefit my family – so I decided to go ahead,” continues Steve.

As with any large installation, a site survey was carried out to ensure the Tesla Powerwall would be a suitable solution and work well with the Solar PV panels at Steve’s countryside home. Upon carrying out the survey, Shane advised Steve and his family exactly how the Powerwall works.

Tesla Powerwall’s are a home-battery solution, which are powered by the sun’s energy. Solar PV panels feed electricity directly into your home – often providing more energy than your house can consume at one time, and often which can’t be used as nobody is home. The additional power from the sun charges the Tesla Powerwall battery and stores the energy until required – usually in an evening when family members have returned home. The charged battery releases electricity to the required outlets, totally removing the home from the power grid – creating a sustainable, emission free home.

Tesla Powerwall customer install

“We are still in the winter months, but so far we have been able to power our home using the charged battery until almost midnight – so our electricity bill has already reduced. We had one glorious afternoon a little while ago, and the Powerwall charged to 86% capacity which saved us 50% electricity – I can’t wait for summer!” says Steve of his new, renewable solution.

The Tesla Powerwall can also be controlled by the Tesla mobile phone app, allowing users to monitor the capacity of the charged battery, decide when to release energy to the home and when energy should be sold back to the power grid.

Steve finished: “We’d definitely recommend 50five to anyone. The engineers really know what they are doing, what they are talking about when it comes to solutions such as this and couldn’t have been more helpful. Shane was always there if we needed him and went out of his way to answer all the questions we had – some which weren’t even about the Powerwall itself!”

50five are certified installers of Tesla Powerwall, able to provide expert advice on how the renewable home-battery solution can be integrated into your home and maximise the potential of solar energy.

An automated system, the Tesla Powerwall requires no maintenance, is compact and simple. Installing a Tesla Powerwall in your home, ensures the excess energy produced is never lost - but harnessed, using the energy generated by your solar panels.

To speak to 50five about the Tesla Powerwall and other renewable energy solutions, call 0800 612 5050 or email sales@50five.co.uk


Written by Oliver

Oliver is a Content Specialist for 50five UK