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14 Feb 2019

This is how you can save energy without replacing your thermostat

By Lynn
  • Read time: 2 minutes
Can you save energy without replacing your thermostat? Let us explain 2 alternatives for energy saving.

It's cold outside and we want it to be warm indoors. We're overwhelmed by commercials of smart thermostats to help us save on energy, but sometimes it seems like you have no other choice but to purchase a Honeywell, Tado or Nest thermostat. But what if you are not ready to take that step yet? Are there any other ways to reduce and monitor energy consumption?

Tip 1 - Heat smarter and turn down the temperature of your boiler

Sounds familiar? Several radiators in the house are turned up all the way, but they don't heat up? Or are you constantly aware of keeping doors closed because the heat is "getting out"?

Most of us are already aware of saving energy through efficient heating. We shut off radiators before we go to bed, or during the day when we go to work. Some of us sit around dressed like an eskimo, just to save a few pennies on our gas bill. It might be warm, but it's far from comfortable. That's why we thought: "There must be a better way."


In the Netherlands, SpeedComfort already won the prize for "greenest idea."

SpeedComfort radiator fans circulate hot air from radiators throughout your house quickly. This obviously increases comfort in your home, but what about saving?

The main reason why SpeedComfort is great at saving energy, is because you can turn down the temperature on your boiler. Because your home heats up faster and more efficiently, your boiler needs to produce less heat. This results in a reduction in gas consumption.

Although SpeedComfort fans require electricity, they use significantly less than they save. Ask about the ideal number of SpeedComfort fans for your home, and start saving while enjoying increased comfort immediately.


Tip 2 - Make your current thermostat smarter

Smart sensors can help you monitor your gas consumption, making energy saving easy to understand. A smart monitoring device cooperates with smart wifi-thermostats, which makes buying such a thermostat appealing. But what if you don't want to purchase a smart thermostat? You might find them too expensive, or you might not know which brand you prefer. There are plenty of reasons to not want to replace your thermostat. But can you still save energy?

The answer is yes. Even conventional thermostats can be turned into smart wifi-thermostats.

Tip 3 - Saving on warm water

Would you like to save energy in a fun and easy way? Then consider reducing water heating costs for bathing and showering.

After a cold day, who doesn't love warming up in a comfortable bubble bath? Or maybe just a hot shower, to obtain that comfortable homey feeling. Bathing and showering; it's part of our morning and evening routine, because hygiene is important to us. An average household consumes about 280 m³ each year, solely used for warm water supply to the kitchen and bathroom. If we could reduce the heating costs for all this warm water, how much would we save?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. How much you can save will ultimately depend on how much you consume. How can you calculate the possible saving beforehand?

Want to know more?

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Written by Lynn

Writes blogs about EV charging and climate solutions for 50five.