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16 Nov 2020

Everything you need to know about the Daikin Altherma

By Oliver
  • Read time: 3 minutes
Never heard of the Daikin Altherma? Never heard of air source heat pumps?

Well, here is the chance to learn about a unique system that will answer all your home or business environmental needs. Whether you are looking to save on energy costs or want to install a more environmentally-friendly system, the Altherma will meet your needs.

How does it work?

Essentially, it works on the same principle as air conditioning systems. Air that has a temperature above zero contains a certain amount of energy. That energy is extracted from the air and converted for use. It is basically a transfer system, from outside to inside. But also, it works equally well in reverse by extracting heat. With just one of these units, your heating, cooling and hot water needs will be taken care of.

The three main and most important components are the outside evaporator unit, the inside compressor, and refrigerant. The evaporator extracts air from outside, but it works equally well with water or solar energy.

The compressor then compacts or constricts the air into a gas, which causes the temperature to rise and generates heat.

The condenser then extracts the heat and transfers it your radiator system and hot water tank. The heat pump works better than a traditional boiler as it heats at a lower temperature, but over longer periods of time.

The system also includes an expansion valve which relieves the pressure on the refrigerant, reversing the heating action to cooling. This is an added bonus during those long hot summers that we wish for.

How ASHPs work

Why install an air source heat pump?

There are various reasons. It is much cleaner energy. In Britain, there are still many people that rely on solid fuel or gas. For those that live in rural areas, energy supplies can be a problem, especially during those harsh winter months when the weather disrupts supplies. Solid fuel energy is usually dirty, takes up space and effort. Anyone who needs to use bottled gas may come up against the same inconveniences that go along with solid fuel. Even those that obtain their gas through the mains supply may suffer shortages or disruption of service for different reasons.

The same kind of problems can apply to electrical energy supplies too. With an air source pump system, you become fully independent from any company for your heating, air conditioning, and hot water requirements. Extracting your energy from the very air itself means that you have a constant, inexhaustible and renewable energy source at your fingertips. Another advantage is that it can be connected to your present central heating system.

Climate consciousness

As stated above, using an air source heat pump means that you are using clean energy. Not only is it physically cleaner to use than solid fuels, but it is also cleaner to use than other manufactured types. Creating energy itself does cause damage to the environment. Coal has to be dug out, gas has to be siphoned off, stored, bottled, or pumped. Wood means deforestation. Electricity is generated by much more renewable energy sources such nuclear plants or hydro dams.

The production of energy causes all sorts of environmental damage. This is renewable energy at its best, with zero emissions. With this kind of system, you can produce your own energy without any adverse efforts to the environment and it is infinite.

Daikin Altherma outdoors

The costs

There's no getting around it, the Daikin Altherma air source system is more expensive than some others, but the long term benefits are substantial.

This isn't a start-up company. Daikin Industries was founded in Japan back in 1924 and has survived all the economic ups and downs since then. It has become a leader in its field by attention to detail, innovation and quality products.

Installing a Daikin Altherma air source heat pump system is an investment for the future. By installing one you can reduce your energy bills by at least 30% because of better energy efficiency.

  • A traditional boiler will last around ten years before they need to be replaced, but a heat pump is capable of lasting double that.

  • Your house will have a higher energy rating, which adds to its value if you wish to sell it later. A high rating on the Energy Performance Certificate is always going to be an advantage.

  • You can pass on a low-cost renewable energy system to your children.

Because of the government's drive to install renewable sources and reduce greenhouse gases the expense of installing one of these systems can be offset by applying to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). You can get a zero per cent loan and pay it back over 7 years.

Although the system does run off electricity, which is expensive energy at the moment, the program of turning to alternative energy sources such as wind, wave, and solar, will inevitably bring prices down in the future. The Green Home Grant is substantial and easy to apply for. If fact, you can receive upfront payments to cover initial installations costs to get you started.

Daikin heat pump outdoors

Smart technology

Adding a Daikin Altherma air source heat pump to your smart home can be considered another component among the many that modern homeowners can switch to. With its renewable energy source, programmable performance, and automated function, it's just one of many applications or products that can make your home or business environment function at lower costs and greater efficiency.

Better solutions

Here at 50five UK we have believe that the Daikin Altherma air source heat pump system is great value for money and can recommend that you take it into serious consideration if you are thinking about changing your heating system. Don't hesitate, you know it makes sense for all the reasons outlined above. To find out more or to book a consultation click below.


Written by Oliver

Oliver is a Content Specialist for 50five UK