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10 Sep 2020

Green Home Grant coverage

By Oliver
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Last week the Government announced further updates regarding existing grant schemes that the Green Home Grant would and would not work alongside, we therefore now know that the Grant will work alongside RHI but not work alongside ECO.  However it now appears that the Grant has a few more details on what can be covered and what cannot.

The Grant will not cover all aspects of installation

It appears that the Green Home Grant will not cover the full cost of making energy efficient upgrades to a homeowner’s property.  The items not covered by the voucher and therefore must be fully paid for by the customer if required are:

  • Design services or decoration not linked to a retrofit

  • Training costs for contractors

  • Asbestos removal

  • Additional buildings insurance premiums

  • Changes to homes, e.g. new openings

  • Furniture storage or removal

  • New windows (unless replacing single glazing)

  • Getting an Energy Performance Certificate

  • Alternative accommodation costs during disruption

  • Insulation to any of the following:

    • New extensions

    • Extension without building regulations

    • Extension without planning permission

    • Extension without fixed heating

    • Outbuildings

    • Conservatories with no fixed heating

So what is covered by the grant?

The Green Home Grant will allow homeowners to claim a voucher on a qualifying energy efficiency upgrades for common items such as:

  • Retrofit coordinator and advisor services

  • Architectural detailed design drawings

  • Planning permission application fees

  • Listed building consent application fees

  • Building regulations application fees

  • Damp specialist and structural engineer costs

  • All materials and labour (plus VAT)

  • Scaffolding and waste removal

  • Essential structural improvements

  • Fitting essential passive ventilation, e.g. air bricks, trickle vents, extract vents

  • Air tightness tests to check for adequate ventilation and excessive infiltration

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Green Home Grant, please feel free to contact us on 0800 612 5050 or email us at customerrelations@50five.co.uk


Written by Oliver

Oliver is a Content Specialist for 50five UK