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13 Feb 2019

How much can you save with SpeedComfort?

By Lynn
  • Read time: 3 minutes
How much can you save by installing SpeedComfort radiator fans? If you want to save gas and money, your central heating system is a great place to start. There are many products that help you save on your energy bill, but none are as effective and easy to install as SpeedComfort radiator fans.

Use energy more efficiently with SpeedComfort

Most homes are heated using conventional radiators. The radiators are controlled by a thermostat, and a boiler which provides heat. This system has been the most used way of heating homes for years and is considered very reliable. Unfortunately, the corculation of hot air from these system is not as good as it could be. Because hot air spreads throughout your home slowly, some of the energy required is lost. This is where SpeedComfort radiator fans can lend a helping hand.

Here's how SpeedComfort works

SpeedComfort radiator fans spread hot air throughout your house faster, and more evenly. You can achieve this by mounting a SpeedComfort fan under each radiator in your home. Mounting a SpeedComfort fan is very simple and quick, thanks to their magnet mounting system. If you want to mount SpeedComfort fans to a very long radiator, you can easily do so by connecting several SpeedComforts together. You will need one 30 cm SpeedComfort fan for each 50 cm of radiator. All you have to do is plug in the power cable of the fan. You can safely connect up to 20 SpeedComfort fans together and plug them into a single power outlet. A single SpeedComfort fan uses only 15p worth of electricity each year. Installation takes a few minutes, after which you'll be ready to start saving gas and money!

Save 22% on gas

The largest part of your monthly energy bill comes from gas used to heat your home. Obviously, we want the heat generated to be used as efficiently as possible, and not let it go to waste. Using SpeedComfort fans has direct benefits for your own life, as your monthly bills become less of a burden. Additionally, you are pitching in to help our environment, as your household will consume less gas. Using SpeedComfort fans, you can save about 22% on gas costs. There are three main factors that make SpeedComfort radiator fans achieve the reduction in gas usage.

1. Rooms reach desired temperatures faster

Radiators are great at heating up a room. However, a part of the energy spent is lost and a heating system keeps heating the radiators for longer than is needed. This happens because the hot air spreads slowly and reaches the thermostat too late for the heating system to properly react. By installing radiator fans, the hot air will be circulated faster, eliminating this problem. For you, this means rooms for more comfortable, but it also means your heating system will react better to temperature increases and decreases.

2. The temperature on your boiler can be set lower

As previously mentioned, better circulation of hot air helps the heating system react better and faster, meaning it will have to produce less energy to reach the desired temperatures. In turn, this means the temperature on your boiler can be set at a lower number. In an average home, the boiler temperature is often set to 80 - 85 °C. With SpeedComfort fans, the temperature on your boiler can be set to 60 °C instead, or even lower if your home is very well insulated. This fact also makes SpeedComfort fans perfect for use with a heat pump, instead of a boiler.

3. Less heat loss through pipes

A lower boiler temperature means your gas usage goes down. But that's not the only benefit of a lower boiler temperature. The pipes carrying water from the boiler to radiators throughout your home will also lose less heat. When these pipes carry water of a very high temperature, there is a significant amount of heat lost through the outisde of the pipes. At a lower temperature, heat loss from pipes in exponentially lowered.

Save even more with Radiator Balancing

Installing SpeedComfort radiator fans is a great step towards saving energy and money. However, you can save even more by having your radiators balanced. Radiator balancing means optimizing water flow to - and from - each radiator in your home. This helps heat up rooms to the desired temperature even faster and will compensate for differences between rooms such as the living room vs. the bathroom.

An excellent step towards saving

It's rare to see products that both help you save energy, but also increase comfort in your home. SpeedComfort radiator fans do just that. They help you save on gas, reducing your gas bill by up to 22%. Besides saving, they make your home more comfortable by heating up rooms to the desired temperature faster. All the while costing only 10p in electricity costs per year. In short, SpeedComfort radiator fans have many benefits, making them the perfect addition to any smart home or any home with a heat pump installed.


Written by Lynn

Writes blogs about EV charging and climate solutions for 50five.