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Green Home Grant scheme
25 Jan 2021

How the Green Home Grant can help you save money

By Robin
  • Read time: 4 minutes
Late last year the Government released the Green Home Grant scheme aimed at helping households across England to increase their energy efficiency but how can it help you?

Tips on the use of smart energy

Are you wondering what smart energy means or how it feels like to have it within your reach? Below are details that will enlighten you on why smart energy is becoming an increasingly important product in the modern world. Smart energy is a process where you use devices for energy efficiency. It pays attention to powerful yet sustainable energy sources, which promote better eco-friendliness while cutting down the spending on energy bills. In the modern world, smart energy is gaining popularity since it is proving to be more critical than other energy sources, which is why companies are striving to make smart energy systems a priority. The smart energy investment has numerous benefits to the consumers, the environment, and the energy providers.

Advantages of using smart energy

Unexpectedly, experts are pushing for smart energy acceptance, yet it requires vast infrastructure improvement. The fact is, many gains make it a more desired form of energy for the future. If you can truly understand the reasons, you will know the full impact smart energy can have on the global market.

First, smart energy is a more diverse form of power supply. It is a form of energy that is reliable in creating an eco-friendly environment. Noting the current challenges of global warming and climate change, governments' policies worldwide to adopt smart energy are turning to be more critical than ever before.

Secondly, it is a form of energy that helps reduce carbon footprint, pollutions, and emissions, which leads to global warming, which is another reason why consumers should help promote this form of energy since it is readily available. Though the increase in the need for smart energy across the globe, consumers should take the incentive to have the necessary infrastructure to support the future, which is dependent on smart energy. To support the future of smart energy, you can start by making your home more energy-efficient.

Lastly, it encourages more responsible use of power resources available. The use of smart meters can help manage and record how electronic devices perform in your home. The meters are useful since they give detailed and precise figures on the usage in real-time without the need for an expert, and hence you can decide on what to improve.

Renewable energy

Using the Green Home Grant to make your home energy efficient

First, you can use the Green Home Grant to create a home that is energy efficient in various ways, which will ensure your home attains maximum energy efficiency. So, how do you improve your home to be energy efficient?

Insulating your home

Insulating your home is the most essential. It is vital, particularly for older houses, since they tend to have poor insulation. A poorly insulated room gives opportunities for energy loss. Thus, with proper insulation, you can protect your home and reduce energy use. Also, if you are a new homeowner, you will need to look at attics to ensure proper insulation levels. Heat and air can easily escape through the attic roof, which will raise your bill, hence using more money on energy bills.

Upgrading solar panels in your home

If you have the resources, you can decide to upgrade the solar panels in your home. Even though they are a bit pricey, solar panels are known to reduce the cost of energy. You will need to speak to professionals dealing with solar panels to learn how to optimize energy usage with renewable energy sources. The renewable upgrades can help reduce the energy bills, and depending on your location; it can be possible to lower energy bills to almost zero.

Green Home Grant

Installing an Air Source Heat Pump

This is another source of energy which works by transferring the heat that it absorbs from the outside to inner side of your home using a wet central heating system, thus heating the radiators and even provide you with hot water for your use. The system has a wide application as a source of renewable energy in the UK. Using an air source heat pump, you can save a significant amount of money from the energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, unlike other energy sources such as electric or gas heating systems. Importantly, they versatile and affordable. You can use it for heating or in some cases also for cooling your property, water heating or space heating.

Besides, the UK Government currently offers the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) grant for this source of energy hence making it more affordable. Even though you will need to be aware that the air source heat pumps have lower energy unlike the alternatives, which means you will need a well-insulated home, the benefits outweigh the losses.

Install up to date appliances

Upgrading your solar systems is one of the ways you can choose to make your home more energy-efficient. If you have the old ones, you can consider acquiring new ones since they are likely to meet the energy standards, saving more energy, unlike the old ones. Thus, you can consider replacing your outdated appliances one at a time or all of them if your budget allows. That will ensure you are using energy-efficient appliances, which will save you a few bucks. Through cutting on your energy usage, you will also be contributing to making the world a better place through efficient use and adopting renewable energy.

Final thoughts

The future of smart energy is bright. Through the continuous adapting of smart devices and technology, and the government and private sectors embracing the idea of smart energy, it will undoubtedly grow and usher in new, clean, and renewable energy. The future of smart energy is here with us; looking at the availability of solar panels, smart meters, and other types of renewable energy being on the upward trend, it is a clear indicator the field is fast growing. If you embrace smart energy, you will be sure to have more savings, reduced costs, and less negative impact on the environment. It all starts by making a move to ensure you cut down on your energy usage. Considering the tips in this article can help you reduce energy consumption and get more savings.


Written by Robin

Writes blogs about e-mobility and climate solutions for 50five.