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16 Jul 2019

Moving into a new home? Tick these points off your checklist

By Oliver
  • Read time: 2 minutes
There are so many things to do when moving house; packing boxes, chasing solicitors and arranging days off work to unpack and decorate.

With so much happening, not many new homeowners think to check out the age of the boiler in their new home, when it was last serviced or even find out where the thermostat is. We get there is a lot to think about when moving, so we have created a ‘moving home checklist’ for you – just some additional points to add to your own long list of things to do.

Your new boiler

The boiler you have in your current home is no doubt in good condition – you know the history of that boiler; you are sure it works properly. But, what about the boiler in your (potential) new home? Make sure you cover all your bases by finding out:

  • What type of boiler is it?

  • When was the boiler installed?

  • Is it covered by any warranty?

  • When did the last service take place?

  • Does it connect to a thermostat or timer?

  • Where is the boiler located – do you need to consider moving the boiler?

Finding out the answers to these questions will help you determine if you need to start thinking about saving for a replacement boiler, or if it is efficient enough to keep running for a few more years and not present any faults following your move.

If you currently have boiler coverage, contact your provider and fill them in with all your new information so the boiler coverage can be moved over. If you don’t have boiler coverage, it is something worthwhile investing in, so you can ensure if any problems do arrive following the move to your house moving, you will be protected.

Energy efficiency - what can you do?

It is very common for estate agencies to make you aware of your new home’s energy efficiency rating – after all, it is a valid deal breaker when considering purchasing a new property. Assuming the energy rating is medium to good, what can you do to either improve the efficiency or, maintain it?

First off – find out where the thermostat is in your new home, what brand it is, and the functionality. For example, if the thermostat is an outdated, simple, on/off thermostat, it may not be communicating correctly with the boiler causing the heating to come on at the wrong times. Swapping out the thermostat for a modern, smart thermostat will ensure your home is heating efficiently.

You should also contact your energy provider to let them know you are moving to a new house and would like to transfer your energy package to the new house. Or alternatively, look online for new provider offers and make the switch. This will prevent you having to continue with the energy provider already supplying the new house, and potentially being placed on a package which doesn’t suit your needs.

Your ‘moving house checklist’ doesn’t need to be too complicated, it just needs to feature the most important points involved in moving home. As we mentioned before, many people moving home don’t always consider they need to look into the status of the boiler, but are then shocked when the boiler features a breakdown or is beyond repair. Don’t get caught out!


Written by Oliver

Oliver is a Content Specialist for 50five UK