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04 Aug 2019

Renewable energy solutions with 50five

By Oliver
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As the country (and the world) works towards a greener future, there is a growing demand for small-scale renewable energy solutions.

Small-scale renewable energy solutions

Small-scale renewable energy solutions, fit for home use, include home-battery solutions, electric vehicle charging and renewable heating solutions. Having always been proud suppliers and installers of energy-efficient and cost-effective boiler systems, 50five is now also certified installers of renewable energy solutions.

Renewable energy is generated from the earth’s natural resources and generated to fuel our homes or electric vehicles, so we don’t have to rely on fossil fuels and traditional methods of heat and electricity.

Using renewable energy solutions to power your home, can reduce or eliminate spend on your energy bills. Although the Feed-in-Tariff has recently ended for renewables such as solar PV panels has just ended, there are alternative schemes in place such as OLEV discount for EV chargers and the RHI scheme for renewable heat. Additional benefits to installing renewable energy solutions in your home include:

  • Reducing your reliance on non-renewable energy

  • Reducing your households carbon footprint

  • Generating income by selling surplus energy back to your energy provider

  • Improve the energy efficiency rating of your home

So which renewable energy solutions are available with 50five?

Tesla Powerwall
First is the Tesla Powerwall, a home-battery solution, which stores excess solar energy to power your home off the grid. The Powerwall harnesses the energy produced by your solar panels, to charge itself throughout the day – preventing wasted electricity. Come the evening when you cannot make use of solar panels, the battery will release the energy into the required appliances to provide power.

Air source heat pumps
The Tesla Powerwall can also be used to power appliances such as air source heat pumps – the modern, alternative way of heating your home. Air source heat pumps covert outside air into heat, irrespective of the temperature levels outside your home. The air source heat pumps available through 50five are 75% renewable energy, and 25% electricity – for every 1kW of energy required to power the pump, you will receive 4kW of heat.

EV chargers
Also available from 50five, are Electric Vehicle chargers from EVBox, myenergi and Project EV. Energy efficient and future-proof, EVBox chargers enable owners of electric vehicles to charge at home. Typically, owners need to visit their local charge point at the supermarket on or the high street – EVBox allows a secured connection from your driveway or garage. The Hey EVBox app available on your smart device enables energy monitoring, spend and more.

To find out more about the renewable energy solutions available for installation from 50five, contact a member of the customer care team on 0800 612 5050 or email sales@50five.co.uk


Written by Oliver

Oliver is a Content Specialist for 50five UK