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09 Oct 2019

Smart Radiator Valves

By Lynn
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Read all the advantages of using smart radiator controls here.

With smart radiator valves (or TRVs for short) you can operate your radiators separately. TRVs can be used separately in combination with collective heating, but usually you combine them with a smart thermostat. Read all the advantages of using smart radiator controls here or view our range directly.

We are fans of smart radiator valves, but you might need more convincing as to why you need them. Below you can find the most important points about TRVs.

Why do you want to buy smart radiator valves?

How would you like to have each room in your home always at the right temperature, without unnecessary heating? A smart radiator valve/radiator thermostat can do just that. The TRV replaces the existing thermostat dial, which you use can regulate the temperature per radiator (therefore independently). You set a temperature and the valve controls the rest until the desired temperature is reached.

What is a smart radio valve?

A TRV often consists of a display, a built-in thermometer, an air humidity meter, a dial for manual operation and communication technology. This device can accurately measure the temperature and air humidity and indicates this on the built-in display. The functionalities still differ per brand, so make sure you check in advance whether the smart radiator valve meets your requirements.

How do smart radiator valves work?

The smart radiator valve works exactly like a traditional control: it turns the supply open and closed. What was once a manual task becomes automatic as the smart radiator valve allows you to change the supply remotely. In many cases, the smart thermostat automatically controls the smart radiator valve. They can also be operated with an app via your smartphone, so you can operate the radiators separately. They communicate with the internet bridge via WiFi so that they can be reached via the internet. If you have several smart radiator valves, they use the 868 Mhz protocol to communicate with each other and with the smart thermostat.

Who should use smart radiator valves?

Smart radiator controls are very useful for people with but all type of heating. So, whether you have a central heating boiler, heat pump, smart radiator valves are the ideal solution if you want to individually control the temperature per radiator.

This means that they are suitable for almost every home, provided they fit the radiators. If you do not have an existing thermostatic valve, you will need to have a plumber fit your smart valve. If you have a regular thermostatic valve, then you can easily replace it with a smart thermostatic valve yourself.

What makes a radiator valve a smart radiator valve?

1. Communication technology makes it possible to operate the smart radiator TRV with a smartphone. Wherever you are, you can immediately set the temperature of your radiator in that specific room.

2. Some radiator valves are so smart that they recognise a sudden drop in temperature and rise in humidity as an open window and lower the temperature of the radiator.

3. By geo-fencing (using location data from your smartphone) the smart thermostat and radiator valves notice that no one is home and the heating is lowered. This prevents unnecessary heating costs and it’s better for the climate.

What are the advantages of smart radiator valves?

1. The combination between smart radiator valves and smart thermostats are worth their weight in gold, as they give you a lot more control and insight about your heating. The smart thermostat only has a sensor in the living room, but by linking the smart radiator valve to it, you gain insight into every room. The better the insight, the better you can control the heating. For example, the smart thermostat can learn a lot about your personal situation and act accordingly. The smart thermostat, for example, teaches you how quickly your home heats or cools down, so that the system knows when to set itself at the right temperature at a specific time.

2. The smart radiator valve is easy to operate via a smartphone if you have an internet connection. This way you can determine the temperature per room in your home from anywhere in the house or anywhere in the world. This also means that you can switch on radiators when you set off for home, so that you enter a heated house. Smart radiator valves provide an increase in comfort and convenience.

3. You can also save a lot of energy with a smart radiator valve, because only rooms that are needed at that moment are heated. This saves energy and money, but it’s also good for the environment.

4. You can regulate the temperature per room. Just imagine how nice it would feel to walk into a warm bathroom in a morning, and not worry about money being wasted heating room that aren’t in use.

5. It is possible to set heating schedules per room or zone for an optimal heating results.

6. Some smart radiator valves measure a rapid drop in temperature (for example when a window is open) and automatically turn off the radiator.


Installation of smart radiator controls

Do you have a traditional radiator valve and want a smart radiator valve? Then have a professional replace it. Smart radiator valves can only be mounted on a valve. They always fit on M30 valve, that is 30 millimetre threads. Sometimes the thread has a different size, but that can always be adjusted with separate adapters that are often supplied with the smart radiator valves.

The installation of a smart radiator valve is simple, and you don’t even have to shut off the water. You turn off the existing thermostat, then turn the included adapter ring on and then mount the smart radiator valve. The adapter rings are often made of plastic, you want to make sure that the smart radiator valve is properly secured, choose a metal ring.

Then install the bridge, download the corresponding app, connect the smart radiator valves and you have almost instant control over the temperature in the house.

If you want to know more about the professional installation of smart thermostats or the installation of smart radiator controls by 50five, then look here.


Written by Lynn

Writes blogs about EV charging and climate solutions for 50five.