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10 Apr 2019

SpeedComfort or ClimateBooster, which is better?

By Lynn
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SpeedComfort and ClimateBooster both make radiator fans. But which one is best?

SpeedComfort vs. ClimateBooster: a comparison

The push towards higher energy efficiency and saving the climate starts in the average household. A good way to contribute is by upgrading your home's heating system. Installing radiator fans is an affordable, simple and effective way to increase the efficiency of your heating system. The two primary suppliers of radiator fans on the consumer market are SpeedComfort and ClimateBooster. If you are considering buying radiator fans, your decision will likely be between these two brands. In this article, you can learn more about each brand and what they offer.

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A short introduction on radiator fans

Radiator fans are meant to reduce energy consumption and increase comfort in your home. The fans will circulate hot air throughout each room faster. This means the room heats up faster, but also more evenly. This increases comfort in your home and reduces gas consumption. The heating system will have to produce heat for shorter stretches of time, and your boiler can be set to a lower temperature. These two factors add up to a significant reduction in gas usage.

SpeedComfort vs. ClimateBooster

As previously mentioned, the two main competitors in the market for radiator fans are SpeedComfort and ClimateBooster. Curiously, both of these brands originate from the Netherlands. Products from either brand will be effective and will help you save on gas, but there are some notable differences between the two brands.

ClimateBooster allows for speed configuration

With ClimateBooster radiator fans, you can set the rotation speed of the fans to a desired rpm. SpeedComfort fans do not offer this functionality. Because of this, ClimateBooster fans can be especially useful to heat up your home even faster, like during a cold morning. You will have to manually change the speed setting in the settings of the fan.

SpeedComfort fans are easy to use

SpeedComfort fans are more user-friendly than ClimateBooster fans. SpeedComfort fans are very easy to install and are fully automated. Once you install them, you don't have to worry about the fans ever again. A true set-and-forget product. For ClimateBooster radiator fans, hiring a professional installer is recommended.

SpeedComfort fans are more energy efficient

Radiator fans are supposed to save energy. Fans of both brands will save on gas and will net you a profit, but SpeedComfort fans are especially energy efficient. Therefor, SpeedComfort fans will help you save the largest amount of money on bills.

The price difference

SpeedComfort products are more affordable than ClimateBooster products. The initial price tag combined with the fact that SpeedComfort fans use less electricity makes for a significant price difference between SpeedComfort and ClimateBooster.

SpeedComfort produces less sound

Both SpeedComfort and ClimateBooster fans produce very little sound. It's worth noting that neither radiator fan produces a lot of noise. Both fans are quiet enough to not disturb you in your daily life. If you listen very closely, however, SpeedComfort fans produce less sound than ClimateBooster fans do.

SpeedComfort is more compact and less noticeable

SpeedComfort fans - when installed correctly - are barely visible. They are mounted to the underside of the radiator, out of sight. For ClimateBooster fans, this is not the case. Although ClimateBooster radiator fans are also mounted to the underside of the radiator, they are much larger and therefor much more visible. While ClimateBooster fans have an aesthetically pleasing design, it's worth noting that they are very visible compared to SpeedComfort fans.

The temperature on your boiler

The best argument for installing radiator fans is a lower gas bill. Radiator fans of either brand will help you do exactly that. Because hot air is spread faster throughout each room, the boiler will need to work for shorter stretches of time, and the boiler temperature can be set lower. In an average home, the temperature of the boiler is set to about 80 – 85 °C. After installing radiator fans, the boiler temperature can be set to about 60 °C without losing heating performance. By significantly lowering the boiler temperature, the heating system will experience less loss. Besides saving energy, this also makes your heating system ready for a heat pump.

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Insulation factors into your decision

ClimateBooster products are able to heat up your home very fast when the house is cold. For most homes, this would occur during a cold morning. The better the insulation of your house, the more constant the inside temperature will be. In this case, SpeedComfort fans are the ideal solution. They are super energy efficient, work automatically and use less electricity than ClimateBooster fans do.

SpeedComfort or ClimateBooster: a conclusion

Both products do what you'd expect. Although ClimateBooster fans work quite well, SpeedComfort radiator fans are the better option for most regular consumers. They are more affordable in both product price and electricity costs. They are easier to install, and don't require any human intervention for operation. If your home is poorly insulated, ClimateBooster fans will have a bigger impact on temperature in your home. However, if this is the case, upgrading the insulation of your home could be the wiser option.


Written by Lynn

Writes blogs about EV charging and climate solutions for 50five.