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30 Sep 2019

What is a radiator fan?

By Lynn
  • Read time: 3 minutes
A radiator fan is a small device which you can place under your radiators. It helps you save money by making your heating more efficient.

Help yourself and the environment with radiator fans

Not everyone knows what radiator fans are. That's a shame, because radiator fans offer several significant benefits. Because they help save energy, radiator fans are very environmentally friendly. This also means owners of radiator fans can expect returns on their initial investment of buying the fans. By helping you reduce gas consumption, using radiator fans will also help you save money. Besides, radiator fans increase comfort in your home by circulating hot air faster.

What is a radiator fan?

As the name suggests, a radiator fan is a small fan block that you can mount to - or under - your radiators. The fans blow hot air from the radiator into the room, spreading heat faster than the radiator normally would.

Here's how they are used

Installing a radiator fan is a simple task. Most products will include a manual which tells you exactly how to mount the radiator fan to your radiator. There are several different brands of radiator fans, but most work in a similar way. There should be at least on fan installed on each radiator. Larger radiators can be fitted with several fan blocks. Depending on the brand and model, a radiator fan should be mounted on the top side of underside of a radiator. For convectors, brands offer a specific model that can be fitted on top of the convector. All you need to do after mounting the fans to radiators, is connect them to a power outlet. The fans consume a very small amount of electricity; much less than what they save on gas.

More comfort in your home

You want to feel at home in your own house. Having each room at the exact desired temperature is a great step towards feeling more comfortable in your home. With radiator fans, heat gets circulated throughout the room faster, instead of remaining near the radiator. Hot air will also linger near the ceiling less.

Use less gas to reach desired temperatures

With radiator fans, your heating system needs to produce less heat and over a shorter period of time. This results in reduced gas consumption. Most governments are working hard to reduce gas consumption of the average household. Eventually, gas consumption should be reduced to the point where an average household doesn't use gas for heating anymore. As a society, we're moving towards green solutions as an alternative to gas. As long as radiators are present in the house, radiator fans work especially well with green heating solutions, such as a heat pump.

Lower boiler temperature

In an average home, the temperature of boiler is set to 80 – 85 °C. By spreading hot air more efficiently throughout your home, radiator fans allow you to set the temperature of your boiler much lower. Generally, when you use radiator fans on every radiator in your home, the temperature on your boiler can be set to about 60 °C. Depending on how well insulated your home is, it can be set even lower. This significantly reduces gas consumption by lowering the heating requirement and reducing losses within the system. Lower temperatures also mean that radiator fans are an ideal combination with a heat pump. Heat pumps are usually not capable of reaching temperatures as high as a boiler, but with radiator fans these high temperatures are no longer required.

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Reduced heat loss in the system

A lower boiler temperature helps reduce heat losses in your heating system. The warm water, transported throughout the house through pipes, will radiate less heat through the pipes into walls, resulting in less losses. The larger difference between the boiler temperature and the outside temperature, the more significant the losses would be. A lower boiler temperature means the difference between the warm water in the pipes and the outisde air is less, meaning heat losses will be less as well.

SpeedComfort radiator fans

Any properly functioning radiator fan will help you reduce gas consumption. Your gas bill will be lower, and you'll enjoy increased comfort in your home. SpeedComfort radiator fans are, however, of exceptional quality. SpeedComfort fans will help you save on gas as much as possible. Additionally, SpeedComfort products are very easy to install. Installation takes mere minutes per radiator. SpeedComfort fans are very silent and use a very small amount of electricity. A SpeedComfort fan block consumes about 15p worth of electricity in a year.

A smart device that brings returns

New technology is often very complex. With radiator fans, this is not the case. They are a simple and logical, but ingenious solution to increase the efficiency of your heating system. As such, installing SpeedComfort radiator fans results in lower gas consumption, and by extension lower energy bills. On top of saving money, SpeedComfort fans help you be more environmentally friendly. It's not often that new technology not only saves energy, but also increases living comfort. In conclusions; radiator fans are a great addition to any home that has radiators for heating.


Written by Lynn

Writes blogs about EV charging and climate solutions for 50five.