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Energy Storage

Energy storage through home battery systems offer the ability to capture electricity generated by Solar PV, Wind turbines and even Hydroelectric systems.
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What is energy storage?

Home energy storage is achieved by capturing electricity generated either by the grid or your own home. Renewable energy sources such as Solar PV panels generate electricity throughout the day. Without energy storage, this electricity is typically either used immediately via the home or is sent back into the grid. Adding a home battery system allows the ability to capture this electricity for use later.

Captured energy can either be used later in the home to run home electronics or even charge an Electric Vehicle (EV), or where applicable it can be sent back to the grid for profit via the Government's Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

Energy Storage FAQs

Typically the size of the battery would depend on your current energy generation and use.

However this is something that you may change depending on your situation. For example where a homeowner has plans to add future energy generation technologies to their home then a larger capacity battery would be more suitable.

The short answer is no, it should not affect your FIT payments. However in the case of a retrofit you will need to know which type of battery is being installed, AC-coupled or DC-coupled.

Typically most new systems being offered are AC-coupled and will not affect FIT payments, however where a DC-coupled battery is installed there are a few things that need to be checked.

But not to worry! We will ensure any energy storage system we install does not conflict with FIT payments.

There are many contributing factors that can affect a home battery's lifespan such as type of battery, install location, usage amount and maintenance to name a few.

Home batteries can therefore last from anywhere between 5-15 years with many brands offering warranties for a large chunk of this lifetime.

Launched on 1st January 2020 the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a Government backed scheme.

It allows small-scale generators (SEG Generators) to receive payment from electricity suppliers (SEG Licensees) for any low-carbon electricity which is generated then exported back to the grid.

A SEG Generator would typically shop around between SEG Licensees for the best tariff in order to maximise profit from their exported electricity.

Find out more here.

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Benefits of energy storage

  • Solar energy, day and night

  • Store excess power, ready for use on demand

  • Sell any unwanted electricity, back to the power grid

  • Backup your home, saving energy for potential power outages

  • Lower your energy bills and avoid 'peak time' energy usage rates

  • Plus so much more...

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50five - a certified installer

We take care of everything, including system design, permitting and installation. Our customer care team are always on hand to support you, should you have any enquiries before or after installation.

As a leading smart home specialist in the UK, 50five want to promote the best in smart home solutions. Tesla are supported by us for their approach to clean energy technology, and their ability to integrate with solar power to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

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EV charging solutions

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