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Climate funding

As an approved installer 50five can access Government grants to bring down the cost of installing a brand new heating system in your home. The schemes available can change so keep up to date with what is on offer!
Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) was released on 1st April 2022 as part of the Government's 10-point plan to meet target net zero in the UK replacing the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). As of 23rd October 2023 the grant levels for the BUS scheme were increased for both air source and ground source heat pumps. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme aims to tackle the higher cost of renewable heating systems by offering up to £7,500 upfront where an old oil or gas boiler is replaced with a renewable heating system such as an air source heat pump or ground source heat pump. Check below to see if you qualify for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme:

  • Your property must be located within England or Wales

  • You must be a homeowner or small business owner

  • Your property must have been issued with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) within the past 10 years.

Should you meet the above criteria, there are three paths for eligibility:

  • Your EPC must not recommend loft or cavity wall insulation.

  • If your property contains recommendations for loft or cavity wall insulation you may insulate the property between the application of the voucher and getting the heat pump installed.

  • Some buildings are exempt from this rule and may have an EPC or insulation exemption. This may be the case if you own a listed building.

5% VAT scrapped on energy-saving household measures

As part of chancellor Rishi Sunak's Sprint Statement in the House of Commons it was announced that VAT on energy-saving household measures would be slashed to zero.

This change means anyone installing measures such as solar panels, loft or wall insulation and heat pumps will pay no VAT. Previously households would have to pay an EU imposed 5% VAT however Mr Sunak said Brexit meant the UK is "no longer constrained by EU law" and would therefore scrap the tax with immediate effect.

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

Launched on 1st January 2020 the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a Government backed scheme.

It allows small-scale generators (SEG Generators) to receive payment from electricity suppliers (SEG Licensees) for any low-carbon electricity which is generated then exported back to the grid. A list of current SEG Licensees can be found here.

The scheme is open to anyone with one of the following technology types (provided they meet the rest of the eligibility criteria) up to a capacity of 5MW, or up to 50kW for micro-CHP:

These installations must be located in Great Britain.


The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) is set to reward eligible UK households with up to £5,000 upfront towards the cost of replacing their old gas or oil boiler in favour of a renewable heating system.

Unfortunately no. The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) closed to new applicants on 31st March 2022.

Yes! If you're already on the scheme, and continue to meet your ongoing obligations, you will receive payments as usual until your seven-year membership ends.

Not to worry! We can carry out an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for you. Simply let us know that you require one and we can arrange a survey time that best suits you.

Currently we do not offer loft or cavity wall insulation however we would be more than happy to help you to find a certified installer should you wish to apply for a BUS voucher with us.