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Oil boilers

Oil boilers use a stored supply of oil to heat your home and supply hot water. Replace your oil boiler or install an alternative heating system to achieve 'A' rated energy efficiency and reduce your spend on energy bills.

What are oil boilers?

Oil powered central heating system use an oil-fired boiler to supply hot water and heat. Oil supplies are stored in a specialist tank, external to your property, and any hot water is stored in a hot water tank ready to supply on demand.

For many years, oil boilers have been a popular alternative for households which don't have access to the gas network. However, the costs incurred to install, maintain and supply an oil boiler are often high.

Replacing existing oil boiler systems with a newer, more efficient model could reduce the amount spent on fuel bills and maintenance. The energy performance rating of your property will also increase. The average annual cost of heating a UK home through an oil powered system is approximately £1000. In comparison, air source heat pumps and gas boilers cost between £700 and £900.

Oil boilers
Heating alternatives

What are the alternatives?

Oil supplies require a high level of maintenance - it needs to be specially delivered and stored, and hot water temperatures often decline quicker than alternative methods. Alternative heating systems, which improve energy ratings of households and are more efficient both financially and economically include:

  • Air source heat pumps - a modern, alternative way to heat your home. Air source heat pumps can be over 400% efficient, meaning for every 1kW of electricity used to power the pump you receive 4kW of heat for your home

  • Ground source heat pumps - extracting solar energy stored in the ground, or through water sources, the energy is converted to use as part of a heating system, all year round with no interruption

Choosing your new heating system

At 50five, we seek to provide our customers with a complete solution, which is safe, comfortable and affordable.

How do you choose your heating system?

  • Contact us and answer a few questions about your household such as; the type of fuel used, what current boiler do you have and how many radiators are in your home

  • Our customer care team will recommend the best heating system for your home and suggest various options, to ensure your new boiler will be the most energy-efficient solution for your home

  • When decided, simply choose an installation date and time which best suits you. Our team may also arrange a site survey pre-installation with a 50five engineer.

Gas boilers
Explore gas boilers

As the demand for efficient boilers grows, 50five have developed partnerships with leading manufacturers to provide better solutions for our customers.

Renewable energy solutions
Renewable energy solutions

50five are suppliers of other renewable energy solutions such as the Tesla Powerwall home-battery and EV charging solutions.

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