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Solar PV

Solar PV (PhotoVoltaic) is a renewable energy source which uses cells that convert sunlight into energy that can be used in your home.
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Benefits of Solar PV

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Renewable Energy

Solar PV creates energy from sunlight, this means any energy used from solar pv is 100% renewable.

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Lower Bills

Using energy generated by Solar PV will see you using less electricity from the grid, reducing your energy bills.

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All of our solar systems are fitted with warranty as standard with options to extend available.

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Low Maintenance

Due to solar panels having no moving parts there is very little maintenance required.

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Solar PV panels often do not require any planning permission. However, exceptions can apply and we would recommended to check with your local planning office for guidance on this. A Solar PV system must be registered with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO). This is usually taken care of by the installer.

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) has been in place since 1st January 2020 replacing the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme which ended in March 2019. It ensures that small-scale generators are paid for any renewable electricity they export to the grid.

If you have energy storage fitted in your Solar PV installation, additional rules may apply to what you can and cannot claim back through SEG.

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There is no exact answer to this as many factors have to be taken into account:

  • Size of the Solar PV system

  • Capacity of the system

  • Location of the property

  • Weather conditions

To find out how much electricity you could generate, request a quote today.

Yes! Solar PV can work with a range of other renewable home improvements that depend on electricity to function.

Home heating systems such as air source heat pumps run on electricity making them a great choice for a home with solar panels fitted. Alternatively Solar PV can offer free miles for your electric vehicle. If a compatible EV home charger is fitted to the property you can use solar energy to charge your vehicle.

Compatible with Solar PV