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Vaillant boiler

50five is proud to be a leading installer of Vaillant boilers.Similar to 50five, Vaillant has a growing focus on products and systems which use renewable energy or provide households across the UK with a more energy efficient solution.
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Why choose Vaillant?

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High efficiency

Highly efficient and economical to run - Vaillant boilers help you to reduce carbon emissions and save money on fuel bills.

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Hot water

Rapid hot water delivery - only heat the water required, without the need for a hot water storage tank or cylinder.

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Frost protection

Built-in-two-stage frost protection, to ensure your heating system runs at an optimal performance level all year round.

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Quiet Mark

Accredited with the Quiet Mark badge - quiet in operation, quiet all the time. Expect minimal to no disruption.

Vaillant products we sell

ecoTEC Pro
ecoTEC Pro

The ecoTEC Pro range of combination boilers, from Vaillant, provide high quality reliability and performance. Built with a simple design approach, the ecoTEC Pro range fit simply into your home, even in areas with limited space. The stainless-steel heat exchanger ensures impressive energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

ecoTEC Plus
ecoTEC Plus

The very best for home heating, the ecoTEC Plus range provides one of the best open vent solutions. Utilising a traditional open-vent system, this boiler range is the ideal way to deliver an exceptional and energy efficient performance. Push button programming makes the boiler easy to use, and two-stage frost protection ensures optimal performance all year long.

ecoTEC Exclusive Green IQ
ecoTEC Exclusive Green IQ

As well as providing great performance, the ecoTEC Exclusive with Green IQ manages your energy consumption and output to keep components running at peak performance, for longer. The Green IQ mark distinguishes well-engineered boilers developed for efficient use.

Vaillant Green iq boiler

Which boiler is best?

Luckily you don't need to know which boiler best suits your home, that's where we come in!

Our boiler experts will collect all the information they require to provide you with a quote for our most recommended boiler replacements. Should you require any further information or help, our boiler experts will be on hand to help you every step of the way.

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