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30 Sep 2020

SpeedComfort radiator fans - review

By Lynn
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SpeedComfort is a smart way to save money and be environmentally friendly.

SpeedComfort is the smart answer to gas consumption

There's new energy-efficiency technology emerging on a daily basis. Saving energy and reducing gas consumption is a more popular topic than ever before. SpeedComfort radiator fans are a smart solution that helps you save money and be more environmentally friendly. Besides, SpeedComfort fans have several benefits on top of reducing your gas bill. They also increase comfort in your home. This smart combination of reducing energy consumption while making our lives more comfortable, is a trait that we see more and more in technology these days. Introducing: our review of SpeedComfort radiator fans.

Here's how it works

In short, SpeedComfort fans are fan blocks that you can mount to radiators in your home. SpeedComfort fans assist your heating system by circulating hot air throughout rooms faster. This helps you reduce gas consumption and will heat up your home faster and more efficiently.

More comfort with SpeedComfort

Most homes are fitted with radiators for heating. This convenctional way of heating has been common for years but can be much more efficient. A significant amount of heat is lost in the radiators and pipes, and is not being used to heat the room. SpeedComfort fans help circulate heat faster throughout the room. This benefits you in three notable ways. Hot air is dispersed throughout the room faster, meaning the room will feel comfortable sooner. The temperature will also be more even throughout the entire room. And finally, it reduces gas consumption. Because the desired temperature is reached faster, your heating system will have to produce less heat.

Save on gas

This brings us to the main benefit of SpeedComfort radiator fans. Because your home is heated more efficiently, your gas consumption and therefor your energy bill will be reduced. This doesn't just save you money on a monthly basis. It also helps you be more environmentally friendly. Your boiler will have to produce heat for shorter stretches of time, and at a lower temperature. In an average home the boiler temperature is set to about 80 – 85 °C. With SpeedComfort fans installed throughout your home, your boiler temperature can be set about 20 °C lower. This significantly reduces gas consumption of the heating system by reducing losses. By combining SpeedComfort radiator fans with Tado’s multi-zone heating solutions, you can save even more on your heating costs by controlling rooms individually.

Perfect addition to a heat pump

Because the temperature of the heating system can be set lower when you use SpeedComfort fans, they are an ideal combination with a heat pump. A heat pump is a green alternative to a boiler. A downside of heat pumps is that they can't produce temperatures as high as a boiler can. With SpeedComfort fans, this downside is mitigated.

Learn more about heat pumps

Three SpeedComfort variations

SpeedComfort offers three main variations of their radiator fans. SpeedComfort Basic is a standard radiator fan, compatible with radiators which have an open space between the radiator panels of 70 mm or more. If the radiators in your home are narrower than 70 mm, SpeedComfort Narrow has you covered. The Narrow fan block fits on radiators with an open space between 38 mm and 70 mm. Then there's SpeedComfort Convector. As the name suggests, this fan block is made specifically for use on convectors.

SpeedComfort is easy to install

You don't have to be a DIY expert to install SpeedComfort fans on the radiators in your home. Installation is simple and takes mere minutes. Any materials needed for the installation are included when you buy a SpeedComfort product. Additionally, no tools are required for the installation. SpeedComfort fans are simply mounted to your radiators using a magnet mounting system. SpeedComfort Basic and Narrow can be fitted under radiators, while SpeedComfort Convector can be fitted on top of a convector.

Connect and activate

A standard SpeedComfort fan block is 30 cm long. If you want to fully outfit your home with SpeedComfort fans, you need one fan block per 50 cm length of radiator. If you have long stretches of radiator in your home, you can easily connect two or more SpeedComfort fan blocks together using the included cables. After that, all you need to do is connect the fans to a power outlet. SpeedComfort fans feature very low energy consumption and produce a low amount of sound. Each fan block consumes about 10p worth of electricity each year. By connecting SpeedComfort fans together, you can plug a sequence of up to 20 fans into a power outlet.

SpeedComforts are automated

Just like the installation, using SpeedComfort fans is very simple. The fans are fully automated. They feature a temperature sensor, and activate automatically when the radiator reaches 33 °C. When the radiator temperature drops below 25 °C, the SpeedComfort fans shut down automatically.

An affordable and efficient way to reduce energy consumption

In conclusion, SpeedComfort radiator fans reduce your home's energy consumption and helps you be more environmentally friendly. They also increase comfort in your home, making each room feel more pleasant. Add to that the very simple installation, and you can see how SpeedComfort radiator fans are the perfect upgrade for any household's heating system. By installing SpeedComfort fans throughout your home, you can save about 22% on gas consumption. This means you can get returns on the initial investment very shortly after purchasing SpeedComfort fans. If you want to save even more energy and achieve optimal heating comfort in your home, take a look at the smart heating solutions provided by Tado.


Written by Lynn

Writes blogs about EV charging and climate solutions for 50five.