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12 feb. 2021

How does an EV charger installation work for expats?

Bobbi Content Specialist 50five
By Bobbi
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Are you an expat in the Netherlands and thinking about investing in a good EV charger because you drive an electric car? 50five specializes in installing the best charging stations for your electric car. We'd like to tell you more about how we work and how we can help you.


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Investing in an EV charger? Why not!

The electric car is becoming more popular every day. This means that the public charging stations will be taken more frequently. Why be dependant on a public charging station if you could also have your very own one at home?

50five thinks that EV charging stations are the future. Therefore, we’ve specialized ourselves in advising and installing the right charging station for your situation. To start the process of finding the right charging station for you, we recommend filling in the data of your car in our charging station wizard. When you’ve filled in all the required information the available charging stations for your electric car will appear. Depending on the electric car one or more options will be shown. Based on their specifications and your home situation you can pick one or more charging stations that you think are suitable for you. You don't know which one to choose? No problem, you can also skip this step since it's not mandatory, our advisers will guide you to the right station during a phone call. When you have made your choice, you can fill in your personal information in the form and we will get back to you with an offer and professional personal advice for your situation.

Our professional advice will be not only fit to your car, but also to your house and your wishes. There are many different types of charging stations and some may not be suitable for the situation you’re in. We aim to give you our best professional advice for your situation. For example, if you have a house with solar panels we will recommend a different charging station than when you don’t. At the end of the day, we want you to have the best solution for you.


You don’t have to worry about the installation of the charging station

We highly recommend to not self-install an EV charger, since it's a specialised and possibly dangerous job. Luckily there is no need for worrying about the installation. 50five has well-trained engineers that will do the installation for you. Our installer won’t leave until the whole charging station is set up and working as it should.

All of our installers are certified and trained by the brands that we sell. Whenever necessary we will send two installers to make sure the installation will be done in one day. If the installation requires a lot of digging, we will send a paver or a gardener along with the installation team. When we’re done with the installation your garden will look like before.

Our partners

50five is working with a few reputable brands. The first brand to mention is EVBox. EVBox offers advanced charging stations that are very useful when you wish to let your employer pay for your charges expenses at home automatically. When you have an EVBox charging station you will be granted access to the EVBox online platform that stores all charging information.

Our second partner is Alfen. Alfen offers multiple smart charging stations that can be installed at home, at the office or in public spaces. The charging stations have been designed to assure maximum charging speed.

50five promises you the following

50five assures quality. Our aim is to deliver a perfectly working product in one go. For this reason, we work with reliable brands and professional installers. You will receive personal advice that is based on your situation and wishes. By considering how you plan to use the charging station, together we will select the features your EV charging station needs.

In our opinion, a charging station is a smart device that can be integrated into your smart home. The charging station is not just a device on its own, but a part of the complete ecosystem of your smart home with smart features like dynamic load balancing.

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What are you waiting for?

Like we said before, we at 50five consider EV and charging stations as the future. We would like to help you taking the next step. If you are interested in personal and professional advice about which charging station is best for your situation we recommend to follow our charging station wizard. We are ready to help you step into the future.

Bobbi Content Specialist 50five

Written by Bobbi

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