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28 Jan 2021

The best new EVs for business use in 2021

By Lynn
  • Read time: 3 minutes
Over the past year alone, there has been surmounting pressure for UK citizens to let go of the use of diesel and petrol-powered vehicles and opt for electric vehicles (EV). Inasmuch as the numbers are still on the lower side, things are slowly but surely changing. This is majorly attributed to the new selection of EVs that are hitting the market every day.

Furthermore, manufacturers are now getting on board with this technology, enabling them to deliver models that come with faster charging times, longer ranges but at inexpensive price points. Therefore, this has opened up a whole new world of opportunities, especially for the business-minded.

Some business-minded individuals can now become part of the green charging movement by attaining to deliver specialist EV business lease, including green charging solutions to individuals and businesses alike. To take advantage of the EV business lease opportunities, here are some of the best new EVs in the UK market for business use in 2021 to help lower fuel bills and lower CO2 emissions.

Tesla Model 3

If you have been looking for the electric car counterpart to rival the likes of the BMW 3 Series or the Mercedes C-Class, then look no further. The Tesla Model 3 is now available for business use and it’s a very compact and nice executive saloon that comes with a pretty unique mainstream appeal. It is definitely worth every penny.

The car is a rare combination of performance, space-age technology, amazing charging technology, minimalist style and a longer driving range than many other EVs. On a single charge, the entry-level EV can deliver up to 263 miles without altering its performance, making it suitable for those long business trips.


Porsche Taycan

When looking to get an EV business lease on a car that is brilliant to drive but remains true to the manufacturer’s heritage, then this sports saloon would be a great pick for 2021. Even though it is an electric car, it manages to offer you that sports car-like handling, which we must say is pretty rare.

The range is quite usable, the acceleration is ferocious and it offers incredible agility. Since it comes with four seats, it reduces the transportation costs because of carpooling and ideal for helping you lower fuel bills.

It is also important to mention that you would find this car pretty easy to live with as a daily business driver. Furthermore, it delivers amazing ride comfort, even on some uneven tarmac roads in the UK.


Renault Zoe

If you are one who has a thing for small cars, then you will probably find this small electric car quite convincing, especially for business use. After the UK’s OLEV grant of £3000, you only have to part with £27,000, which is quite impressive. Moreover, this small EV uniquely blends the maximum range with a supermini body.

With a 52kWh battery, the Renault Zoe delivers an impressive range of up to 245 miles, which is significantly more than what other EVs in this price range offer. Apart from strong charging capability, there is also 50kW rapid-charging, allowing you to charge your battery to 80% in about an hour before your next business trip.


Kia e-Niro

In as much as the pace at which manufacturers are producing electric cars is unmatched, this Kia ultimately remains one of the best options in the UK to help lower CO2 emissions but still deliver incredible driving performance.

Earlier in 2020, there was a bit of a challenge for the e-Niro to meet the demand because of how spacious the car is, making it suitable for family use, hence a great business car. Today, the manufacturer has greatly improved the supply and many more dealers are now stocking these models.

Despite the conservative styling, the cabin remains quite functional, making it one of the best to-do-it all in the UK EV market.


Volkswagen ID.3

This is a great all-electric family car that offers superb comfort, appealing look with keen pricing.

The ID.3 is a bold representation of Volkswagen’s future, with the smashing interior appeal and funky exterior looks. Furthermore, it is laden with some of the latest technology. For instance, pretty much everything inside the car is touch-sensitive and controlled by a wide 10-inch touchscreen display.

With an amazingly sorted suspension, you can stay rest assured of a composed ride. The interior refinement is also attributed to the quiet motor and inability of wind noise to find its way into the cabin. The mid-spec is capable of offering up to 261 miles on one charge. On the other hand, the 77kWh variant can achieve up to an impressive 342 miles of range.


Jaguar I-Pace

If you like the premium things in life, this Jaguar is just the car for your business needs. It is the perfect rival for other premium range EVs that still delivers practicality and performance. Furthermore, recent software upgrades on the I-Pace played an instrumental role in boosting its range to a whopping 304 miles.

2021 has also seen the car some with a major overhaul in its infotainment system. You now don’t have to keep visiting your dealer to accept updates. It can accommodate four full-sized adults and comes with a decent boot storage space. What stands out for the car is the excellent handling, practical driving experience and brilliant performance.



A quick outlook into the future of EVs in the UK market and you can easily tell that it’s the only way to go. With such cars, and many more, the UK is definitely going green and you should be part of the movement. Any of these cars mentioned in this post would be ideal for business use, especially if you take advantage of the government’s £3000 OZEV grant. EV owners can also benefit from up to £350 off an EV charger installation thanks to the OZEV EVHS grant.


Written by Lynn

Writes blogs about EV charging and climate solutions for 50five.