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15 Mar 2021

EVBox Elvi: The future proof charging station

By Lynn
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Electric transportation has garnered momentum with the adoption of electric vehicles by individuals and organisations. The government has also boosted acceptance of the practice through the electric car and electric vehicle charger grants. Although, the culture is affected by the continuous evolution in electric car models and batteries. Different low emission vehicles require various charging cables and ports. Furthermore, improvement in electric car batteries necessitate upgrades of charger capacities. Luckily, the EVBox Elvi overcomes such challenges.

EVBox Elvi, an upgrade of previous products, revolutionised charging systems. The manufacturer, EV Box, is purposed to dominate the transportation industry. One of its strategies was revamping the internal hardware of the EVBox for easier modifications. The purpose is to serve different markets, consumers and consumers’ changing needs over time. The product was the only charger electric car owners will ever need.

Why choose EVBox Elvi?

The new EV charging station has the future in mind. Its future proofed design enables it to charge current electric vehicles and to handle the charging of future electric cars. Below are some of the features and capabilities that make it the perfect choice for an electric vehicle charging station.

Future proof

Elvi saves on costs linked to changing of electric vehicle chargers. Imagine someone with a plug-in hybrid vehicle that needs a low capacity charger wanting to upgrade to a pure electric vehicle. The battery capacities of pure electric vehicles need high capacity chargers to charge the car efficiently. Before, the individual would need to replace the charger in whole. With Elvi, all they need to do is change the charging cords and upgrading to higher charging capacities.

Elvi is intended for all electric cars, now and in the future. With the customer’s needs, they can upgrade the charging station from a 3.7kW charger to a 22kW charger. In case you purchase a more efficient electric vehicle in the future or happen to own different kinds of low emission vehicles, the single charging point will serve them. It is compatible with every electric car with flexible fixed cable or socket only versions.e the charging cords and upgrading to higher charging capacities.



As EV Box worded it on its launch, Elvi is a new generation of charging stations. It embodies all industry trends. A charging management platform called Hey EVBox is connected to the charging system. It gives the user insight on your charging session. It helps you follow, control and improve electric vehicle charging. It also allows you to earn additional income.

Through the management system you can set up your charger for other electric vehicle drivers for a fee. You get to post your system on charging maps to draw drivers. It allows you to render services in different languages, currency and tax regulations. It allows you to automate invoicing and compensation of charging expenses with various stakeholders.

The business portal gives you actionable insights into your chargers condition, charging patterns and energy expenditure. Apart from managing your charging system from anywhere, the data collected is useful information that can help you make better business decisions.

Smart Charging

Elvi, in its futuristic mission, is compatible with dynamic load balancing solutions. They allow you to manage the power usage between your charger and other on-site appliances. You also are provided with an app from which you can automatically control the fast charging system.

Modular disruptive design

Elvi uses the modular design whose principle is dividing a system into smaller units known as modules. The components, independently created, are modified and replaced without affecting the rest of the system. For Elvi the parts include the wall dock, charging station and the charging cables (for the fixed cable version). The efficiency brought about by having different modules makes the fast-charging stations the simplest to use.


An electrician can come on-site and install the wall dock before the arrival of the rest of the other modules. All the user has to do is easily click on the charger and attach the charging cables. Whether at home or an apartment, the installation is easy and time-saving. Elvi allows outfitting with 4 and 8-metre long charge cables. The cables are Type 1 and Type 2 charge cables. The charging system comes with extra docks, where the charger cables and plugs are kept safely.


EVBox, when designing Elvi considered making electric charging systems sustainable. To ensure the use of renewal energy in charging cars, they added an option of adding solar installations to the system. It allows you and other drivers to save on cost.

Final thoughts

Elvi is revolutionary. It offers services today and tomorrow. Its modular design and the user friendly interface makes it a simple electronic gadget to set up and use. It performs highly among its peers. It is cheap to maintain and does not need complete replacement if you change the type of low emission vehicle you are using.

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