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07 Jul 2020

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

By Joost Gerrits
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As more people turn to electric cars, the demand for public charging points is on the rise. They are good for charging your battery on a motorway when you notice your charge is running low.

Unfortunately, you are never sure that you will get a charging station wherever you go as some regions are lagging in the installation of public charging stations. Also, the cost of charging an electric car at a public point may be higher.

But do you know you can have your car fully charged every morning, so you don’t take time off your driving to charge it? You can install a private charging station at home so that your battery can charge as you rest at night.

If you have ever used a rapid charging station, you may have paid about £ 7 to charge for 30 minutes. This is enough to keep you on the road for about 100 miles. Depending on how much you travel, relying on public points will increase your cost of running an electric car.

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Your Own Station

How much does it cost to charge an electric car? Let us break it down for you here.

When you want to install your charging station, there are two costs to consider. You will incur the cost of the installation. The installation cost will include the purchase of the charger, fittings, and labour and on average will be about £1,000. You may qualify for a government grant towards the cost of an EV charger.

If you are unable to pay the full amount upfront, confirm with your installer if you can pay in flexible installments. Greencharging.co.uk is one is one of the companies that will allow you to pay for your station in pocket friendly installments.

You can pay in installments as low as £ 17.76 each month, which is fair considering you may use more than this at public charging spots. Our installers will consider your unique needs to give you a tailor-made quotation.

Choosing your EV Station

Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing your station so that you can lower your cost of running an electric car.

Single phase or 3-phase

Your station can be connected to a 3- phase or single-phase connection. While a 3-phase will give you more charging capacity, it will cost you more to install. You also have to confirm if your property supports a single phase or 3- phase connection.

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Where to position your station

The distance between your charging station and your parking spot will determine the length of the charging cable that you will need. Position it near the garage so that you don’t use a very long cable. In addition, you can mount the station on a wall, or a post.

You can use the card you use at your public station to activate your home station. And you can easily activate the station on your own by waving the card in front of your station. You can also ask your installer to activate it for you as they have more experience in that.

Your station is likely to have one fixed cable. This is what you will be fixing to your EV to charge it. We advise you to get an extra cable so that in case you need to charge your EV away from home, you can have your cable at hand.

Single Charge or Double Charge Station

When choosing your station, you will have a choice of a single charge or a double charge. A single charge allows you to charge one car at a time, and it is cheaper to install. It is good if you have only one EV. In case you are planning to buy another EV, you may wish to install another station to make it easy to charge both cars at the same time.

But you can also avoid this by installing a double charge station. Once you install your station, your cost to charge electric car reduces.

Final Thoughts

So what are you waiting for? Get your private EV charging station and avoid the inconvenience of driving to public charge point. You can charge your car as you attend to other matters, or as you rest.

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Written by Joost Gerrits

Joost is a real EV enthusiast. He shares all his findings, news, tips and tricks through fun and informative blogs. In addition, you can find him every now and then on the 50five YouTube channel with cool videos!