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09 Sep 2019

Nissan Leaf – The ideal budget electric car?

By Lynn
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A lot of stakeholders are taking measures aimed at fighting global warming, especially targeting the transport industry. Electric vehicles (EVs) are now a common scene on our roads today. Switching to EVs is one way of achieving a green economy by reducing carbon monoxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Plenty of vehicle industries are now manufacturing electric vehicles as a way of embracing an eco-friendly environment since an electric vehicle runs on zero-emissions. Even though they are not completely emissions-free, they produce significantly less quantities as compared to petrol-powered engines.


As a way of supporting the green economy movement, Nissan has not been left behind as it is among the car production companies to produce EVs such as the Nissan Leaf. So, what is there that we need to know about the Leaf.

Electric driving

Since it is a fully electric vehicle, its motor does not run on petrol or fuel at all. Furthermore, it’s not a hybrid vehicle because it’s powered by a large lithium-ion battery. Charging it is as easy as charging an iPhone. You just need a Nissan Leaf charger and charge until it’s fully charged.

Because it needs charging, there must be a charging station nearby. There are various chargers such as; Rapid chargers, fast chargers and slow chargers. These chargers vary depending on the charging time and the amount of charge being released. The good thing is that there are several charging stations underway while some are already set up across the UK. Owning one of these electric cars will mean that you need to stay near a charging station. Also, access and payments to these charging stations will depend on locations. Although some of them are free, there are those that offer fast and rapid charging and you might have to pay for the services.

Thanks to the 100% electric car, you can get to feel and enjoy instant torque. Many people wonder how a car with an interior like this can have quite the intensity. With no use of fuel, it means no tailpipe emissions, thus, less air pollution.


Get to feel the electric rush thanks to the 100% electric driving. This performance does not require any fuel. You only get to enjoy its smooth operation by unleashing its power that no other car can match. It is much more fun as you navigate through the twists and turns. Having the battery mounted on the vehicle floor enables lowering the car’s centre of gravity, which leads to a great ride and perfect handling. That is why the car can manoeuvre a corner with less body roll.

Range and battery

The Nissan Leaf is available in a number of different trims however the main difference between them is the size of the battery. The standard Leaf models are equipped with a 40kWh battery capable of ranges up to 168 miles per charge, ideal for city driving. The slightly more expensive Leaf e+ range features a new 62kWh battery capable of ranges up to 239 miles, perfect for those with a longer commute.

Both models are can be charged via a standard 7kW home charging unit, taking around 7h 30m to fully charge the 40kWh model and 11h 30 for the 62kWh models. However they can also be charged via a 50kW CHAdeMO rapid charger, bringing the charge times down to 60 minutes and 90 minutes respectively. It is important to note however that when rapid charging, the vehicle will only rapid charge from 20% to 80% battery to improve longevity.

You may wonder how you can charge this model if you own one. You can follow these steps:

  • Park and ensure that the car has been turned off.

  • Carefully open the lid of the charge port and the cap.

  • Secure the charge connector into the charge port and if done the right way, there will be a beep sound produced.

  • When the battery is fully charged, it will stop charging by itself. You can then remove the charge connector.


Driver assistance

This model comes with a ProPILOT2 assist. Therefore, you will have time to release your stress while the vehicle takes care of some of your driving tasks. This driver assistance works well in highway traffic. The system enables the car to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you based on how the traffic is flowing. It can come to a stop fully and come back to speed when there is a traffic flow.

The ProPILOT feature helps with no drifting as it keeps you at the centre of your lane in the straight highways and curves. It also comes with an e-pedal. The e-pedal runs on one pedal as you can press down for an instant rush and release to slow down. The e-pedal produces a smooth motion and so much fun. Also, there is intelligent cruise control, which is adaptive to traffic and aids and maintaining a smooth adjustable speed while at the same time setting a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.



The model’s mobility is making a major impact on how you move. With the latest technology invested in the vehicle, you can now feel more connected, excited and confident. You will get to drive with great road awareness, with advanced cameras, sensors and other features that constantly monitor the road.

The model has a 360 degrees standard safety shield that can monitor the front, behind and the sides of the car to guarantee your safety. With the automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, you can get audio and visual alerts and apply the brakes to avoid collisions. There is also a blind spot system installed that will help in seeing what you cannot. If a car is detected in the blind spot area, you will be alerted by a chime sound.


Nissan connect allows you to sync your vehicle with your compatible devices instantly. The Nissan Connect grants you access to other unique features on the touch screen and through the compatible devices. There is also a door to door navigation that helps you plan your route by sharing the vehicle’s directions and your compatible devices. The availability of Bluetooth helps you to connect and stream music and make calls.


Generally, electric cars are quite expensive. However, with the Nissan Leaf you could start driving fully electric from just £26,845. There are a wide range of models available with varying levels of trim and performance, the base models are listed below:

  • Acenta (40kWh)

  • N-Connecta (40kWh)

  • Tekna (40kWh)

  • e+ N-Connecta (62kWh)

  • e+ Tekna (62kWh)

If you’re looking to get into an electric car within the coming year, the Nissan Leaf is an ideal start to your journey.

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