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14 Dec 2020

The race for EV dominance has begun

By Joost Gerrits
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An Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station, also referred to as an Electronic Charging Station (ECS), is a machine that provides electric energy for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicles. These include plug-in hybrid vehicles, electric cars, and neighbourhood electric vehicles.

The charging duration is dependent on the vehicles charging power and battery capacity. The voltage handling capacity of the charger electronics and batteries in the car determine the charging level. The charging level then dictates the charging time rate.

According to Forbes, General Motors (GM) are ever-changing into overdrive on the electric vehicles market share, with proposals for hundreds of additional models, engineers’ redistribution to a devoted division of electric cars, and a pledge of $27 billion to surpass Elon Musk’s Tesla for battery and autonomous technologies.

Expect to hear further funding being announced in the UK following the UK Government’s announcement to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030.

EV dominance market players

China is currently the world’s leading car industry. It plans to be a leading force in electric vehicles’ growing world market, anticipating that the Chinese EV industries will continue to spread abroad. In contrast, the world’s EV supply chain is already dominated by Beijing, starting with vital mineral production.

mineral mine

Other nations have begun to understand that China are likely to control the future of electric transport, with its influence over vital parts of the energy supply chain from battery metal resources procurement and battery production.

China is currently the world’s largest electrical engineering industry. By 2025 the government is seeking new energy-powered vehicles (NEV) with revenues of up to 25 percent. However, it will not prohibit new petrol-powered cars in the immediate future.

Beijing is now preparing to expand its footprint outside of China after funding EV manufacturers and sales in recent years.

EV charging stations

With electric vehicles gaining popularity worldwide, it is easy to find an EV charging station no matter your location. Online technology makes this a fast, easy process. Some websites will give you exact details of the charging station location, charger types available, for example, DC Fast and Level 2; connector types present, for example, J1772 and CCS, and fuel type example, electric or liquified natural gas (LNG). This information helps you better select the charging station that suits all your needs.

Owing to restrictions of the vehicle, charging losses can stand as high as 25 percent. The charging limitations caused by a charge controller or a battery protection system can vary over time. Adequate charging capacity may be lower than the actual charging power of the charging station or socket.

ev charger types

EV charging types

There are three leading EV charging types—slow, rapid, and fast. They represent power outputs hence charging speeds, to charger an EV. Kilowatts (kW) is the power measure.

Like phone charge cables, the charging lines in cars appear to have two connectors, one connecting the car’s port and the other connecting it to the charging point.

The connector type you need will depend on your vehicle and the charging point’s power rating, i.e., the speed.

  • For slow/fast charging and CCS to DC rapid charging or CHAdeMO, Electric Vehicles are either fitted with the Type 1 or 2 sockets.

  • The slowest and quickest load points have a socket of Type 2. Sometimes, they are also connected to a cable instead. A cord with a primarily CHAdeMO and a CCS connector provides for all DC fast-charging stations.

  • Many electric vehicle drivers buy a portable charge cable to suit the Type 1 or 2 socket of their vehicle to charge in public networks.

tesla model s en x charging

Relaxed charging

The electric car becomes more and more famous as the years go, which means that there are now public charging stations for more vehicles. Most dedicated parking spots that give access to EV charging are pricier than other parking stations. Would you like to enjoy a fully charged battery every day on the road and save yourself from unnecessary expenses? Then the perfect alternative is a charging station in your home or workplace. You’ll never have to worry about running out of charge, driving at the mercy of your battery life or waiting for hours in queues at public charging stations.

Home EV charging station

When considering installing a home or office EV charging station, several factors come into play. For example, is the existing power supply single-phase or 3-phase? If you need a high charging capacity, then a 3-phase connection is more suitable.

When installing, you may only have one EV at a time and feel driven towards the single connector. However, if you increase the number of electric vehicles in your home, you will be disadvantaged. Therefore, it would be more beneficial to install a double connector and mitigate additional costs for installation to increase your capacity in the future.

evbox elvi

Install your charging station close to the parking area to reduce the charging cable length required. Another consideration is whether you prefer smart or ‘dumb’ chargers. Suppose you want to control your charging station remotely. In that case, opt for the smart one. It will also make it possible to calculate power costs automatically and look at your charging history too. It is worth noting that none smart chargers do not qualify for the Government’s OLEV grant scheme.

With the race for electric vehicle dominance globally, it makes more financial and time-saving sense to have your home charging station. Suppose you are still driving a fuel-driven vehicle. In that case, you may want to consider shifting to this new, more efficient, economic models, the electric cars.

Do you want the charging station mounted on the wall or on a pole?
Is the charging station for business or private use?

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Written by Joost Gerrits

Joost is a real EV enthusiast. He shares all his findings, news, tips and tricks through fun and informative blogs. In addition, you can find him every now and then on the 50five YouTube channel with cool videos!