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Electric vehicle approved scheme
15 Mar 2021

What is the Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) Scheme?

By Robin
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Together with the Energy Saving Trust (EST) and other partners, the National Franchised Dealers Association developed the EVA scheme to tackle poor advice and uncertainty in electric car ownership. The EVA scheme identified those two issues as the main barriers preventing many potential electric car owners from purchasing the vehicle.

The scheme has full support from the government and aims to demystify every myth or misconception surrounding EV ownership. The EVA accreditation scheme will offer an official seal of approval to dealerships with sufficient skills and expertise in servicing EVs.

The top mandate of electric vehicle approval scheme is to boost consumer confidence in this relatively new market. It is also the UK government strategy to achieve zero-emission by 2040. Additionally, the EVA accreditation provides a trusted stamp of approval that increases the confidence of potential drivers on the look for an EV.

EVA scheme

Additionally, the scheme aims to create the necessary skills essential in selling EVs. Many car dealers lack the expertise to front an EV and make a successful sale. That is because many people, including EV sales staff, still do not know the merits of having an EV. As a result, most folks end up going for the traditional models.

If a dealership demonstrates and proves they have mastered the art of adequate service provision to all EVs owners, they get the accolade of `Electric Vehicle Approved.’

In the initial phase of the EVA, they audited 12 dealerships on their selling skills. The audit included an intense survey of the customer service skills and the follow-up service. The 12 dealerships were awarded the accolade because they met EVA standards and are now trusted, dealers.

By the end of 2019, an additional 130 dealerships received the accreditation, and more are expected to be approved this year.

Further, the Department for Transport in the UK has declared that it will have banned all conventional petrol and diesel cars by 2030. Therefore, if you intend to venture into selling motor vehicles of any kind in the UK, it is best to specialise in selling EVs as it is the future.

As mentioned earlier, bodies such as NFDA and EST and other partners developed the EVA scheme.

Let’s dive into the roles of these bodies;

EVA scheme

The NFDA (National Franchised Dealers Association)

The National Franchised Dealers Association is a trade organisation tasked with representing commercial car dealers in the United Kingdom. As you probably know the automotive manufacture and retail sector is one of the UK economy’s key pillars. That means that this market is a significant revenue stream for the government.

Little over 590,000 people work in this sector. Additionally, these numbers will grow as Electric vehicles’ demand increases. Therefore, this association plays a significant role in representing all critical players in this sector.

Energy Saving Trust (EST)

The EST is an association that specialises in promoting energy efficiency in the UK. Additionally, other mandates of this organisation include:

  • Improving low carbon transport- scientists have established that carbon is one of the global warming causes. Global warming plays a role in thinning the ozone layer, thus permitting harmful rays’ penetration to the earth. The rays can cause skin damage to humans and other species. Therefore, this organisation aims to decrease carbon emission by motor vehicles.

  • Sustainable energy use- energy is essential to power up any nation. EST was mandated to create a conducive environment for sustainable energy use.

  • Address climate emergency- the climate is changing rapidly. Weather patterns are not as they used to be years ago. This organisation is responsible for addressing climatic changes and how to cope with them.

  • Empower households to make better choices- the climate is mainly affected by our daily lives. The products we buy and the energy we use in our homes directly impact the climate. Therefore, if you want to learn smart ways of saving the environment while still using clean energy, visit the energy saving trust website. They have provided a handful of information to help people make better choices.

  • Research and assurance- Through research, many solutions have come up. Therefore, this organisation comes up with new ways of promoting energy efficiency while keeping costs down.

Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV)

To promote the uptake of EVs, the UK government established an office to oversee this initiative, named OZEV (Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles).

As mentioned earlier, the UK government is working on an initiative to see all conventional diesel and petroleum vehicles phased out by 2030. Therefore, in a bid to realise this initiative, the OZEV had to be established.

  • It is part of the Department for Transport and Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy.

  • Further, if you are looking for certified workplace charging installers, you can head to their website and see a list of all professionals. Also, they provide support for the uptake of plug-in EV across the UK.

  • That is not all; they support the country’s charge point infrastructure. That means that Shortly, you will see many public charging stations because of the infrastructure in progress.

  • Lastly, by improving this infrastructure, the economy will grow by a significant margin and cut down on the greenhouse gas emission polluting the air.

Wrapping up

It has been determined that the future of transportation is EVs. Therefore, if you want to be a car dealer or just a proud driver, it is best to go for the EVs.

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