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Mini Cooper Electric
17 Dec 2020

You can easily charge your electric Mini

By Lynn
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From £24,000 on the road you could have a full electric powered Mini, the Mini Electric. With the Mini Electric, or the Mini Cooper SE, go-kart handling and the widely known and almost iconic Mini design come together. The Mini Electric exudes an urban lifestyle in everything and will be available on the market from March next year. The Mini Electric has 184 horsepower and takes you from 0 to 60 in 7.3 seconds.

Electric Mini: iconic in terms of equipment

The design of any Mini is iconic. It provides a revolution with a 1-speed transmission and two levels of regenerative braking. With the Mini Cooper SE, you are spoilt with many fantastic features as well as countless remote services and an aerodynamic front grille. The electric Mini has a modern and sleek grille and a striking yellow accent beam. The car has 17-inch rims, LED headlights and rear lights and stands emphatically for the best possible combination of driving pleasure, flexibility and acceleration.

Mini Electric charging is simple with an easy at home charging solution

The Mini Electric also offers a lot in terms of charging. So you can simply charge at home without on a normal grounded 230V socket. Even when using a normal home power outlet, the Mini is charged for about twenty percent in three hours. A charging cable and adapter are supplied with your Mini Electric as standard.

With a normal socket you can charge your car in 15 hours

With the standard Mode 3 cable you can charge anywhere you park. If you charge at home on your socket, the Mini will be fully charged in about 15 hours. For anyone who wants to drive every day, it takes too long to charge the car via the power socket. A charging station at home is more convenient. .

You can opt for opt for the EVBox HomeLine with 3-phase and 11 kW capacity connection. With the HomeLine you charge up to 3.5 times faster than when you use a normal wall socket. The HomeLine should be professionally installed as the installation requires technical knowledge. It is a reassuring thought that you can charge the Mini Electric standard with a Mode 3 cable at public 11 KW charging stations.

MINI Electric Hatchback cheap

Completely green electricity or renewable energy

Public charging stations can also offer alternating current with a type 2 plug, but also direct current via a CCS plug with a maximum of 50 kW electrical power. In our country, when it comes to the public charging infrastructure, use is always made of completely green electricity or renewable energy. Choosing EVBox means at least a shorter charge time and comfortable cable operation as standard. The EVBox has also been developed and certified for use outside so you know you’re in safe hands.

An EVBox installed on your property is considered the ideal situation

An EVBox installed at your home is of course the ideal situation. If you have your own land, there is no restriction whatsoever for the installation of your own charging point. Then you can get started right away. In other cases, you may be able to request a charging installation from the city council in which you live. The council often sets up a charging point within a public space. Please note; there is then a public charging point and not a charging point only for you and your Mini Electric.

Fortunately, there are more and more charging points available in the UK and if you have a private charging station at home, you can also consider making it public in order to earn back your investment in the charging station. In general, everything that has to do with the installation of charging stations and charging stations is work for professionals who know what is being asked and have experience. So always make sure your EV charger will be installed by professionals.

In a Mini it’s not a matter of driving but gliding

With a well-charged Mini you don’t drive, you glide. The silence could be the perfect antidote to stressful driving in the city. In a Mini Electric you can concentrate on the essence of driving. You don’t have to worry about audio either, in the Mini Electric you can hear sound through a Harman Kardon system. You drive the Mini Electric via a pedal through the city; the car engine is directly linked to the wheels. If you take your foot lightly off the accelerator pedal, the engine works as a generator. This makes the Mini Electric capable of slowing down faster than an average petrol car can. And every time you stop at the traffic lights, your car gets extra energy.

A well-charged Mini barely makes any noise

That’s one of the reasons why this car has an acoustic warning system for pedestrians to alert them to the presence of the Mini. There is a slight humming noise when accelerating but it is only audible at speed. The Mini Electric has a lot to offer without compromising the values ​​that made this brand so great. The car is quiet and the performance is great. It is definitely a car that can tempt you to drive an electric vehicle.

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Written by Lynn

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