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21 Oct 2020

Always charged and on the road thanks to EVBox

By Lynn
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We cover the advantages and disadvantages of getting an EVBox installed at your home. EVBox is the forward-thinking company that’s been busy in 2019 creating an all-in-one charging solution for electric cars. Historically, electric cars have been the exception rather than the rule. The majority of the population did not even know what a charging station was. The company has helped to bring electric cars to the forefront.

A charging solution that can be adjusted on the basis of technological developments

EVBox has always wanted to be able to offer a charging solution that could be adapted to future technological developments. Of course, EVBox has succeeded in that mission with flying colours. This foresight has made EVBox the world market leader of charging points and other services for electric cars. EVBox was taken over by Engie, which subsequently also took over EVTronic. However, EVBox’s own brand ethos has always remained – of course, with the added benefit that they can now provide even more services, at an even higher quality. The company has an impressive network with around 700 fast charging stations throughout Europe.

EVBox is proud of its 85,000 active charging points in 55 countries worldwide

The company have managed to get an impressive number of charging points installed for private and business use. With 85,000 charging points in 55 countries the numbers speak for themselves. EVBox is also proud that it can call itself the main supplier for the charging infrastructure in many cities in the Netherlands. These include Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The company also employs 450 people who work in twelve offices across Europe and North America.

Although there is a wonderful mix of different people, they all still share the same vision. In fact, they want to put sustainable mobility in high gear. In everything it does, sustainability is of paramount importance at EVBox. That is why the head office of the company runs entirely on green electricity, waste is sorted, plus double-sided printing and solar energy are being introduced.

With EVBox charging stations, a million liters of gasoline is saved annually

EVBox are very proud of their charging points and on average the charging points charge 3.2 million kWh per year. This means a saving of over a million litres of gasoline, calculated on an annual basis. EVBox does not, of course, work with long-distance container ships. This means that considerable fuel savings and 74 tonnes of CO2 emissions are saved. This principle also translates into EVBox’s partnerships. EVBox only works with partners that have the same vision when it comes to energy management, fleet and lease management, transport, e-mobility advice and government agencies. EVBox can therefore always offer the best charging infrastructure for cities, and for the residents and businesses that are located there.

Immediate settlements are possible with your employer or the leasing company

Above all, a strong and clear philosophy means that EVBox is the authority when it comes to purchasing charging points. For instance, home charging points, business charging points, fast chargers, public charging points, smart charging, charging management and charging cards. For the home, you can rely on the balanced EVBox HomeLine. Best of all, this charging station can quickly and easily settle the charging costs with your employer or with the leasing company. It also charges eight times faster than a regular socket charger and has a longer service life.

Charging station automatically registers and invoices all charging costs

The business charging station manages automatic registration and invoicing of all charging costs. The charging station can also be linked to various Smart Charging configurations. As a result, the charging station works extremely economically and the charging station can also be maintained remotely. This charge point can be set in different capacities while you also determine and set the charge rate yourself.

Adjust your charging station to suit your corporate identity and company colours

The widely sold EVBox charging station can easily be adapted to suit your style. In addition, it’s considered to be particularly sustainable. The robust, modular construction makes it easy to install and also easy to maintain. This business market focused charging station is suitable for between 3.7 and 22 kW. If you have your own land, you can install an EVBox charging station easily. Our specialists at GreenCharging.co.uk can arrange it for you. If you don’t have your own land, you’ll need to apply for a permit. The local council will most likely install a public charging point somewhere near you that everyone can use.

In conclusion, EVBox shows that government is planning for the future and looking to make electric driving a part of everyday life.

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Written by Lynn

Writes blogs about EV charging and climate solutions for 50five.