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30 Aug 2019

EVBox charging stations - everything you need to know

By Joost Gerrits
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With a smart EVBox charging station, you are always on the road with a full battery and we are all one step closer to an emission-free world. The benefit to the environment is one of the reasons that more and more electric cars are being driven, as well as the long term cost-effectiveness. EVBox is known for its charging stations, data management and charging accessories. EVBox charging points can easily settle the charging costs with, for example, your employer, which is handy as the number of people who drive electric vehicles for business is growing.

EVBox: the most secure charging station for your driveway

The EVBox is by far the safest and fastest charging method for your home. It is suitable for every electric car. It is also smart, due to the fact that you can be billed immediately if you, for example, drive for business. The EVBox charging points are durable and hardly require any maintenance after you have had them installed by professionals. EVBox has things well organised and works closely with certified installers, who provide a safe and fast installation at your home and are happy to provide you with expert advice. You can follow the charging sessions of the charging stations from your smartphone or computer and you can also manage your EVBox simply using a tablet or smartphone. EVBox is very easy to use and always connected to the BackOffice.

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EVBox charging station on your own premises

The charging stations should be installed by professionals. You can charge with a capacity of between 3.7 kW and 22 kW depending on the car. Installing an EVBox on your own property is never a problem, since there are no restrictive conditions. If you do not have your own land, you can request a charging point from your city council. If you take this step, a charging point will then be placed in an area with public access. This means that the charger will also be for public use, and not only for your own private use. Ask your local council about this. Of course, it complies with CE standards.

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Easy and efficient charging

EVBox has everything to charge the electric car in an easy and efficient way.. Home Charging stations, business charging stations, fast chargers, public charging stations, smart charging, data management; EVBox really knows it all and can help you in your search for the perfect solution. There is also an EVBox Tesla. And that for all models of this giant in the field of electric cars. Let’s take the Tesla Model S as an example. For charging at home you can easily handle the chargers 3-phase 16A, for office use it is best to use the EVBox 3-phase 32 A. The Tesla is also a type 2 plug, if you have plans to purchase a Tesla. The Back Office Software that you can use has central management systems used to communicate with each other and can help you build an EV charging infrastructure.

Find your prefect EVBox charging solution using our handy tool.

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Written by Joost Gerrits

Joost is a real EV enthusiast. He shares all his findings, news, tips and tricks through fun and informative blogs. In addition, you can find him every now and then on the 50five YouTube channel with cool videos!