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Charge Mitsubishi Outlander
25 Sep 2020

How to charge your Mitsubishi PHEV at home

By Robin
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The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is currently the most popular EV. Since 2013, when it was launched, it has racked up at least 34,000 sales in The United Kingdom. At the time of writing, it accounts for 1/3 of the UK’s EV market, and provides a fantastic range, and impressive drivetrain, especially when its weight and size are put into consideration. This piece has comprehensive information on how you can charge your Mitsubishi PHEV at home.

How to charge your Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

This plug in hybrid vehicle leverages two charging standards for the inlets; CHAdeMO and the Type 1. You will mostly use the Type 1 inlet when recharging your vehicle in a public place or at home. You can also make use of it at fast AC spots. The CHAdeMO, on the other hand, comes in handy when there is a need to carry high-power DC charging from the CHAdeMO connector. The inlets of PHEV are located on the off-side rear panel; the same place you would expect a petrol flap.

EV charger types

The Mitsubishi SUV can be both slow and fast charged from both home and public points, depending on the type of hybrid car charger you are using. For slow charging, you will always require a 3-pin-to-Type 1 cable, while for fast charging, you will have to use the Type 2-to-Type 1 cable. Note that your vehicle will always come with the two chargers, so you don’t have to budget for any of them. In case you are employing rapid chargers, the CHAdeMO connector must be connected to the charging unit.

Charging on both DC and AC need that the EV driver is plugged to the connectors, and ensure that they are placed in the right inlet. From there, your car will interact with the charging unit to ensure that there is an adequate power supply and that no faults are available. Your car will also find out automatically if it is safe to begin charging. If you are charging at home, your electric Mitsubishi will begin to charge automatically.

If you are using a public EV charger, there is an activation process that is needed to initiate charging. Based on the network provider, you might need to use a Smartphone App or RFID. These are always connected to a bank account that has been set up upfront. Note that this kind of arrangement is mainly put in place for those who wish to charge their EVs in public places.

Charge Mitsubishi

Duration it takes to charge the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Hybrid car chargers work differently, and the charging speed of your car can be affected by several factors. Therefore, even as we aim to provide the most accurate information, the details in this section are approximations, and they cannot always be 100% accurate. Note that most raid chargers are designed to cut or reduce power before the 100% mark so that your vehicle and battery’s efficiency are well maintained.

Also, you will need to charge your vehicle from 0% in very rare cases. Other things that might affect your vehicle’s charging time include in-vehicle charging load, ambient temperature, and lower and upper charge restrictions to extend and maintain the battery life. Remember that the charging rate will always slow down as the maximum charge is about to be reached.

Therefore, rapid 50Kw will need 25 minutes to charge your car from 0% to 80%, Fast 22Kw will take around 3.5 hours to charge your car from 0-100%, Fast Kw will take 3.5 hours to charge your car from 0-100%, while it will take Slow 3Kw 5 hours to charge your car from 0-100%. Your Mitsubishi Outlander EV will come with a 3.7Kw on-board charger meant for Type 1 AC charging, besides that DC capability.

This implies that even when your car is connected to an extremely fast charger rated at 3.7 Kw, your vehicle will only charge at 3.7 kW. You will also have a DC charging, but it has a limit of 22 kW instead of the usual 50 kW Direct Current maximum.

Make sure to use freely available Home Charging Calculator to get an approximate charging time for your vehicle. For more accurate results, things such as connector speed, battery charge, and on-board charger options will be considered.

Mitsubishi Outlander charging

Why you should charge your electric Mitsubishi at home

It is always convenient to charge your vehicle at home since it is the most cost-effective way. You will enjoy available government grants put in place for the installation of Electric Vehicle charge points. Also, you will learn that most companies provide installation services at a fixed price, so you will not feel financially exploited.

Many home chargers are rated between 3 kW and 7 kW. However, you will have to spend a little more for the higher-powered wall-mounted units compared to when you opt for the slower 3 kW. However, for the slower unit, you will not spend a lot of time waiting to have your Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid fully charged.

Many EV dealers have amazing deals with charging point installers, to help you save some money on professional installation services. Also, in some cases, they might provide free home charge points and include that as part of the new car purchase. Before you buy an electric Mitsubishi, make sure to confirm the plans they have in place to provide their customers with exclusive user-experience. Note that not all car dealers will have the type of benefits you are looking for, so don’t be too demanding.

The bottom line

Your car can only be safe if you use the right procedures to charge it. Therefore, we recommend picking the best chargers available and only charging your car when it is safe to do so. Without following the rules put in place, you will interfere with your car’s battery life as well as its overall performance. In case you spoil your home charging station, contact your expert in time, and ask them if it is safer to use an alternative in the meantime. Also, inform your manufacturing company or installation experts if your car is plugged in and fails to charge even when the battery is at 0%.

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