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Tesla Powerwall and EV charging
17 Sep 2020

Combining Tesla Powerwall and EV charging

By Robin
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As an EV owner, you should have a reliable source of power to keep your car charged. Though you might have a good electric power source, Tesla Powerwall might be a great alternative just in case the unexpected happens. Therefore, in this piece, we will look at how you can combine EV chargers and Powerwall.

Powerwall and Solar PV

Integrating solar and Powerwall is one of the best ways to maximise the value of your system. It will allow you leverage your solar power during the day and at night. Your Powerwall can easily be integrated with an existing or new solar system.

Because Powerwall 2 is an Alternating Current coupled solution, it is perfectly compatible with any inverter type. It is vital to ensure sustainable operation when there is a power outage. To do that, make sure that each of your 7.6 kW solar has a Powerwall in the back circuit.

Tesla Powerwall and EV charging

Grid and Powerwall

A Powerwall installed without a solar can only charge from the grid when in time-based control or backup-only to support a blackout. Also, the system can help you reduce the amount of money spent on electricity. If your Powerwall is installed alongside a solar system, you can choose to charge the Powerwall solely from your solar pv system.

Powerwall and EV charging

If you have a car charger, you can use it through Powerwall to charge your EV. This is because the system is created to store solar energy and pass it to your vehicle via a home electric panel. However, it is important to know that there is no direct link between your charging equipment and the Powerwall.

EV charging and Tesla Powerwall

How to install home charging equipment

Your home is the best place to charge your electric car. Once you get home, plug in your charger and wake up to a fully charged car. You also have the option of charging your car from the sun, providing fully renewable energy to keep your home powered.

To install EV charging equipment, it is always recommended that you source a qualified electrician with the relevant accreditations to carry out the works.

The entire process begins by locating a reputable installer in your area. You can usually do this by searching online for installers in your area. From there, you will be directed to independent electricians and some Tesla installation services in select places. However, if you have an experienced electrician you would like to work with, you can skip the first step.

EV and Tesla Powerwall

The second step involves requesting a quote from your chosen installer. Be sure to advise them on the details of the installation, such as location preference. You will realise that you can find quotes online from various electricians within your vicinity. This is a reliable method, especially when you are looking to get and compare multiple quotes.

After you have received a quote you like, the next step is to order your wall connector if the chosen installer does not already do this for you. If you still are planning to hire and work with an independent electrician, it is okay to place an order online and have the wall connector delivered to your doorstep.

The installation process should not be rushed. This system will serve you for many years, which is why you should not settle for mediocre services. Therefore, once you have everything ready, schedule your installation. If you are ordering the EV charger beforehand then begin by forwarding the wall connector order shipment confirmation email with your independent electrician and ask them when they are free and willing to work on your project.

How to install Tesla Powerwall

Before starting the installation process, customers are required to pay a small deposit for the Tesla home battery. The deposit also takes care of the fees that would be charged by the company to go and view the installation site.

Installation can take up to 12 hours to install a single Powerwall with two engineers working on the site. This is because it takes at least two engineers to lift the Tesla battery.

Once you have identified the area where the installation will be done, it is vital that you create enough space for Tesla Powerwall. If your garage is full of clutter, you will need to move a few things about so that enough space is left for Powerwall.

Tesla Powerwall installation

The next step involves drilling the wall and then putting the metal bracket in place. This is the bracket where the battery will be mounted, so a perfect job must be done. It is important to have it mounted at a floor level so that it gets maximum support. However, it is okay if you want the bracket and battery placed somewhere up the walls.

After the installation, ensure that the cables are neatly placed and that they are not causing a potential trip hazard. This can be avoided with plastic tubing and ensuring that all the connections are neat and tidy.

Read more about the Tesla Powerwall.

The Bottom Line

EVs are becoming common in western countries, and this implies that Tesla’s Powerwall is vital in every sense of the word. Powerwall allows EV drivers to fill their cars with 100% renewable energy, Something that can be difficult without the use of a home battery system.

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