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11 Nov 2020

Myenergi Zappi, the ideal EV charger?

By Lynn
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With the advancements in technology and the desire for green energy, you can now charge your electric car with solar energy through the help of myenergi zappi EV charger. This intelligent device will make owning an electric vehicle even more environmentally friendly as it works with solar PV, which allows you to charge your EV with renewable energy. Zappi EV charger is designed to work for both residential and commercial properties. Read one to find out why the zappi EV charger is the ideal option for you.

How does it work?

Zappi is an intelligent charger that can utilise the primary power grid, solar, and wind sources to charge your electric vehicle. This charger can also work in conjunction with a home’s battery storage system such as Tesla Powerwall to allow you to charge your car at night or when there is no sunlight. It comes with three operation modes that you can seamlessly switch to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of the charging process. These modes include the following:

FAST charge mode

This mode allows this device to charge your car just like an ordinary charger. While operating on the fast charge mode, this charger produces a maximum power of 7kW on the single-phase version of 22kW. If there is insufficient surplus power from your solar PV, this mode will switch to the primary power grid to ensure that your vehicle receives sufficient charge.

ECO mode

In this mode, your EV will charge at a minimum rate of 1.4kW but will fluctuate above that if the solar power allows. Eco mode ensures that this minimum rate will always be achieved even when your solar power is insufficient. It does so by drawing energy from the primary power grid.

ECO+ mode

This mode works similarly to ECO but doesn’t borrow power from the primary grid. In that, it means that charging will be paused when the surplus power falls below the Min Green level. For instance, if your system has its Min Green Level set at 50%, your vehicle’s charging will be paused if 7000W of power is imported from the grid. Charging will resume when there is 7000W of power is exported.

This smart charger also allows you to select specific times when it should charge your vehicle. The three modes mentioned above ensure that you can achieve minimum charge requirements no matter the status of the weather.

Available myenergi zappi Versions

Zappi chargers are available in 7kW single phase or 22kW 3-phase versions. Either version also comes as tethered with a type 2 6.m cable or untethered. They are also available in either black or white finish. The single-phase version is ideal for domestic use, while the 3-phase one is a perfect choice for commercial properties.

zappi accessories

Zappi EV charger comes with several accessories that will make the entire system efficient and give you a better charging experience. The main accessories include:

myenergi Hub

This accessory provides an internet connection to all the myenergi devices you may have installed in your home. myenergi Hub allows you to install firmware updates to keep at per with the latest features. This device also comes with led lights that give you a status overview of your myenergi products. In that, it means that you will be able to know which devices are connected and working efficiently by looking at its LED Lights.

myenergi Eddi

This device works like an eco-smart energy management system for your home. It works by diverting surplus power from your solar PV or wind-generated energy to a chosen heating appliance like an immersion heater. In doing so, myenergi Eddi allows you to stop exporting energy back into the grid and utilise it in your home. In turn, you get to save more on your energy bills. With the zappi App, you can set Eddi to direct the surplus power to one or two devices.

myenergi Harvi

This device is described as an energy harvesting wireless sensor that measures the power output in your home by use of the current transformer (CT). This device works in conjunction with Zappi and Eddi. It works by harvesting power from a sensor places between your consumer unit and electric meter and transmits the energy import and export information to the load controlling devices wirelessly.

Myenergi Harvi allows the zappi and Eddi to be installed without wires, which makes the installation process a breeze and ensure that no disruption will happen to your home’s décor. Harvi can harvest its energy from the grid without relying on batteries or wires.

zappi App

The zappi EV charger is compatible with a zappi App that works together with myenergi Hub to give you a wireless internet connection to the central unit on your smartphone. This app gives you remote access to all myenergi devices and allows you to control your EV charger remotely and adjust its charging mode. It also allows you to check on the status of the charging progress, views all the usage statistics and logs without going to the central unit.


Installation cost

The average cost of a zappi EV charger is around £950 inclusive of VAT. This price, however, varies depending on cabling requirements and several accessories. Generally, this price is about £100 higher than standard EV chargers, which makes zappi an ideal choice since it will save you on energy bills. Note that the zappi EV charger is OLEV approved, which makes it eligible for a grant of £350.

Besides, this charger can be installed on an existing solar PV system or wind energy grid. Also, zappi can work with the primary electrical grid, just like a standard EV charger. In that, it means that you can have the Eva charger installed and have the solar PV added when you are ready.

Zappi EV is the first invention of its kind. It utilises the surplus power generated from solar panels or wind turbines, which allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and saves you on energy bills. This device comes with a variety of smart accessories that make it practical and more efficient to use in your home. Zappi EV is also OLEV approved, which means it’s high quality, and you will receive a government grant to cut the overall price.

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