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Smart charging stations
11 Jun 2019

Smart charging stations as part of your smart home

By Robin
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Charging at home is much more convenient than waiting in a public place.

Smart charging stations as part of your smart home

It's much more convenient to charge your car at home, rather than waiting at a public charge station.

Whether you currently own an electric car, are planning to buy one or are just curious about the future of smart product options, then keep reading! In this article we're going to talk about a relatively new option: the smart charging station and how it fits within the smart home.

What are smart charging stations?

Unlike regular charging stations, smart charging stations are connected to the internet and can do much more than just charge your vehicle. Smart charging stations are connected to the WiFi in your home and communicate with your car, the app and even solar panels if fitted. Not only does the smart charger allow you to track your energy usage, they are also able to control where your energy is best diverted to, whether that be large appliances in your home or charging your vehicle, via a process called load balancing.

Smart chargers also give you the ability to set timers on when to charge, meaning you can set to charge only during off-peak hours to save on costs. If you have solar panels, then you could for example set the smart EV charger to only use specific amounts of solar energy if required. These features give you full control over your EV charging behaviour.

Perfect for the smart home

The smart charging stations of today fit perfectly into the smart home with their range of useful functions. With advancements in technology, smart charging stations are becoming more and more advanced, some even offering the ability to be unlocked with facial recognition and operated with hand gestures. There are even smart charging stations that store energy from solar panels in your car's battery, the process can then be reversed to use the car as a source of energy for the home!

The future of EV charging is exciting with advancements in technology quickly enabling smarter communication with other smart home solutions to further improve your smart home!

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