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27 Nov 2020

Tesla Model X features & Easter eggs

By Ruby
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The need for smarter renewable energy that conserves the environment has made electric vehicles popular in the automotive industry. In recent years, a significant number of people have adopted the use of electric cars to reduce exhaust emissions caused by petrol and diesel vehicles.

To meet the rising demand, various motor vehicle manufacturers have had to come up with new electric car models. These new breed of cars are not only friendly to the environment, but they also come with improved features and impressive aesthetics. A perfect example of a modern Electric Vehicle (EV) is the Tesla Model X. Since its release in 2015, this Tesla model has gained a substantial amount of recognition across the globe. This article looks at the unique Tesla model features and its energy plans.


Tesla Model X

The Model X is an all-electric mid-size SUV built by Tesla, Inc. The luxurious model is developed from the brand’s full-sized Sedan platform of the Model S. Built for style and comfort; the iconic 2021 Tesla Model has outstanding features that soar the automotive technology to a whole new level.


Being an EV, the Model X is built from the ground up with high-end power and fast charging battery capacity to cover a supreme range of up to 325 miles with a single charge.

How is the EV charged? There are two ways of charging an EV:

Home Charging Station
The luxury of charging your vehicle at home at your own leisure and always having a full battery is every EV owner’s dream. The home charging station is installed to match your type of car, functions, budget and space—a smarter working product for a greener lifestyle, all at the convenience of your home.

Super Charger Stations

Tesla supercharger stations have enabled Tesla owners to go on road trips without worrying about running out of battery after a long drive. Supercharger stations are strategically located in urban areas near restaurants, eateries and easily accessible locations. This enables you to stretch your legs comfortably or have coffee after a long drive, while you recharge your EV.


Also, the Tesla supercharger station is efficiently designed to save time. The superchargers rapidly reboot the energy at first and slow down gradually as the battery comes to fill. Once your car battery is charged, the automated EV will efficiently alert you. Armed with a fully recharged battery and some rest for the driver, you are good to go!


The all-electric Tesla Model X comes with a dual motor (at the front axle and rear). It is also an all-wheel drive (AWD) to provide powerful performance to control traction and torque during all weather conditions.

Adaptive air suspensions support the respectable SUV and give a high-performance acceleration (from 0 to 62mph in just 2.8 seconds). This is the giggle-inducing acceleration.


The Model X has inbuilt front-impact, side-impact and low roll-over risk body, chassis and restraints to provide stability, lowering the injury risks to almost zero.

Tested in the US, the Model X has the lowest probability of occupant injury ever, ranking it a family friendly EV.


Tesla’s buzz worthy feature, the semi-autonomous drive mode uses multiple cameras, radars and ultrasonic sensors, to detect distant objects, people and nearby cars to prevent potential accidents.

The unique auto-pilot feature is designed to provide the driver with convenience and ease even when driving in the most burdensome areas.



The Model X is designed with an A-class storage space, best in the SUV, and a cargo tow capability of up to 2,250 kilograms. Its glamorous falcon-wing rear doors are designed to give accessibility to the back row seats and open even in the tightest of spaces.

Being a seven seater capacity makes the Model X a family friendly EV. Plenty of room for luggage, while the children sit comfortably. This high level of comfort makes the Model X the epitome of future family cars.


Interior features include an expansive touchscreen display, a seamless glass roof from the base of the hood to the front passenger seats, heating features for all chairs and steering wheel, flat-fold seats for storage convenience, among other luxurious features.


The sleek exterior of the car gives attention to detail, a multi-layered signature paint finish and 20” or 22” wide wheels to give enough traction and acceleration.

Tesla Model X easter eggs

Built on polished features and software, Tesla includes some exciting and unique features to give a personalised touch to their products. They call these the Tesla Easter Eggs.

An example of these fun features is the Tesla Model X party mode. This entertaining software is installed in the EV and allows the owner to put the vehicle into a dance mode with a light show and a Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Yes, the Model X can dance!

How to activate this fun feature:

  • Give a prolonged press (5 seconds) on the Tesla “T.”

  • A text box prompt showing “Please enter access code” will appear.

  • Enter either “Holiday” or “ModelXmas” then press “Ok.”

  • A message will appear that reads “The show will begin after you exit the car, close all doors and press the lock button on the key. The show requires 6 feet of space above and around the vehicle.”

Description of the feature:

Using the headlights, fog lights and turn signals, a holiday light show will initiate. Wizards in Winter by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra will play with parts of the car moving. Without assistance, the front doors and falcon-wing rear doors will open and close in rhythm with the music. In time with the music, the rearview mirrors will also react.

The all round family-friendly Tesla Model X’s party mode is definitely a sight to see!


Other Tesla technology developments

Using energy-saving software, Tesla has developed various systems that combine technology, lifestyle and environment conservation, e.g. Tesla energy plan.

Tesla Energy

Powered by Octopus Energy, Tesla Energy Plan is an energy tariff built for smart homes. It is specifically designed for homes that use solar energy and have a powerwall installed.

How it works

With Tesla energy Plan, one gets the lowest electricity flat rates in the UK, with up to 75 per cent savings on the electricity bill. Powerwall offers 100 per cent electricity with no standing charges.


What is Powerwall?

Tesla Powerwall is a battery built to store excess energy that is produced during the day. It traps all excess electricity that is produced by the solar panels, and stores it until when needed. Powerwall reduces reliance on the grid.

When will the excess electricity be needed? Excess electricity is needed when there is a power outage, and the utility grid is offline, or during night time and solar is no longer producing. Thereafter, Powerwall automatically goes in use and acts as a back-up.

This kind of technology ensures that all home appliances, phones, lights and everything else connected, runs smoothly without any power failure interruptions.


Tesla technology has surely gone a notch higher. Personalised features, energy-saving and fewer costs make it easier for us to seamlessly adapt to the smart products that pave the way to a greener future lifestyle.

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