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We have a multitude of charging locations in waiting to serve you. Are you interested in discovering their locations and pricing? Find out all the details right here!

With the 50five charging management, you can manage all your charging stations from one online environment. You benefit from various advantages:

  • Insight into all your charging sessions;

  • Self-management of your charging station, including the ability to reset it in case of a malfunction;

  • Automatically settle your charging costs with your employer;

  • If you use your charging station for business purposes, you can set charging rates for guests using your charging station.

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You can easily calculate how long it takes to charge your electric car. The battery of an electric car always has a certain capacity, expressed in kWh. For example, if the battery has a capacity of 74kWh and the charging station delivers a power of 7,4kW, it will take 10 hours (74/7.4 = 10) to fully charge the completely discharged battery. If you do have to charge while on the road, you can often use a fast charger. You can fill a large part of the battery in a short time so you are quickly back on the road.

The UK Government currently supports EV chargepoint installations with an array of funding available such as the EV chargepoint grant and the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). You can find out more about the EV chargepoint grant here.

A charging station for an electric car does not require periodic maintenance. As simple wipe down with a damp cloth will keep your unit in optimum condition. Make sure that the charging station is powered off at that moment.

Lease car? First, discuss your plans with your leasing company. If you have leased an electric car, the leasing company may give you the option to "Rent a charging station". The charging station is not your property and you will pay contract fees for using the charging station.

Charging your car at home or at work is of course more convenient because you are not waiting around while your car charges. It is also a lot cheaper than charging at a public charging station.

The price per kWh depends on your energy supplier and is typically between 12p and 14p in the UK. If we take the average price of 13p per kWh, and assume a vehicle battery charge capacity of 74 kWh, it will cost £9.62 (13p x 74 = 9.62) to fully charge a completely empty battery. If you charge your electric car at a public charging station using a charging pass, providers will charge additional costs.

To charge an electric car you need the right type of plug which fits both the car and the charging station. In the UK, a type 1 or type 2 plug is always used for both cars and charging stations, so you can just use (almost) all charging stations. In addition, charging stations operate at single-phase or 3-phase, but a single-phase electric car can also be charged at a 3-phase charging station. Do you want to know which charging station fits your car? Click here to go to the selection tool.

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